when your husband is just as fine as the escort


i’m still thinking about this story about roy mcclendon-thompson.
( x play catch up here )
the foxhole has been obsessed as well.
even tho the escort was fine af
roy had something just as good at home.
a foxholer sent me alleged pics of his live-in husband,

According to members of my Obnoxious Street Committee, Roy McClendon-Thompson was in a long term relationship to Maurice Derrco “Marcus” Thompson, 47, and lived together as a married couple for nearly twenty-four years.  The two men shared a residence In Ellenwood, Georgia. Tabernacle has been the center of rumors for years, from the pastor coming out of the closet, divorcing his wife, and finding love and marrying one of her employees Lavar, that worked at a Beacon Of Hope School, founded Lydia Meredith.

the hubby was sexy too.

this church got some major scandal in it.
i’m almost tempted to send an f-bi in rogue to bring us more tea.

How much money was Roy making tho?

he was paying his own along with sponsoring the escort’s living expenses.
one that he only got smashed by twice.
he must have been making some crazy bread.
this story has levels and i want to go deeper.

lowkey: i guess this means maurice wasn’t left anything?

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Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “when your husband is just as fine as the escort”

    1. I was thinking it sounded like a bad Tyler Perry OWN show where he covertly spills his own queeny tea.

  1. I don’t think that’s Maurice. There are photos of him online. He’s an attractive man but the guy in the gym photos isn’t him. There’s a photo of all of that church’s elders/leaders, and you can see him on the far right side of the photo. Isn’t that “Lavar,” who was linked to another scandal at that church?

  2. Jamari, Men ( not all) straight and Non-straight are always on to the next conquest.

    Looks at home ,etc has nothing to do with it. Ego, Boredom, Stupidity does!!!!!

      1. That’s not his husband…Roy’s husband is Maurice and he’s about 48 years old 🤣🤣. That’s Bishop Dennis Meredith’s son can’t remember his name tho. No relation to this story at all.

  3. I want to know more, I cannot find anything about James Curtis Jones. Whatever he was, he didn’t deserve to be shot like that. This Roy McClendon had a fine man at home!! You’d think he’d be happy, I guess after 20+ years things get stale. I’d be naked every night if I had a fine ass man like that!! Did Roy Mcclendon kill Michael Maze too??

    1. ^yup he killed michael,
      the escort,
      and then he died in a car crash.

      i’ve been looking for the escorts ig or facebook.
      i’ve found nothing so far.

      f-bi: any leads?
      or was his pages taken down?

      1. The devil is real!!! Its sad!! I’m going to check with my ATL friends to see if they know anything. Aside from that jamari, .I didn’t know that forner pornstar Bobby Blake is a preacher at Tabernacle Baptist

  4. Smdh, it’s a mess, ain’t it… yeah, this story was fuckin’ w/ me for a min too cause it’s like wow, here one day, gone the next over some out the blue, maniacal shit…

    Oh, btw, the dude in the Falcons jersey w/ his mom is apparently the son of, I believe, the pastor of the church where Roy stole from… and apparently this pastor has a side-piece who’s a dude who was friends w/ Roy… and this son has been spillin’ all the tea about this whole sordid mess on social media… smdh… jus wow.

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