i find that “holier than thou” dl pineapples have the best gay drama.
i mean their drama is sooooooo juicy.
and cheating,
but will be at church every sunday like nothing  is happening.
now some of them pay you good just to smash,
but unfortuantely,
someone(s) usually gets killed.
so ^that hyena,
roy mcclendon-thompson,
is the main hyena in this story.
he allegedly killed his best friend and escort boy toy.
this story kinda confusing,
so i’ll break down all the characters involved…

Roy McClendon-Thompson

McClendon-Thompson, 42, taught social studies at McNair High School and previously worked part-time as a chief financial officer for Tabernacle Baptist Church in Atlanta. Last year, a church secretary reported to police that between November 2015 and last April, McClendon-Thompson made multiple withdrawals from the church account and deposited the money into personal accounts, the police report states. The amount McClendon-Thompson allegedly embezzled from the church totaled $103,843.30, the church secretary told police. An arrest warrant was later issued for McClendon-Thompson charging him with theft by taking and financial transaction card theft.  It seems according to what we have learned that was his remaining balance due of his restitution.  However, Roy had not made one payment to Tabernacle this year and in order for the church to collect on the insurance a policy that protects the church offering in the event for robbery,  a report had to be filed and agreement to prosecution.  This action resulted in Roy McClendon-Thompson being arrested on Mrach 21st and having to pay close to $2,000 Dollars to bond out of jail.

Dr. Michael Maze

Dr. Micheal Maze was a known Opera singer, school principal, and mentor. A fellow educator first met Roy at New Beginnings Full Baptist Church, where Roy was a member prior to his moving his membership and taking the position as Chief Financial Officer at Tabernacle Baptist Church.  The two friends had keys to each other’s house in case of an emergency. Insiders say that Roy let himself in unbeknownst to Maze when he knocked him upside his head with a blow so vicious it killed him. Roy McClendon-Thompson is rumored to have killed his best friend, Dr. Michael Maze the Saturday prior to his killing James Curtis Jones, who was known as Cody.

James Curtis Jones AKA Cody

James, 45, moved to Atlanta and changed his name to Cody after serving time in prison in effort to put his past behind him. There was no way with a wrap sheet as long as his that he would have been able to qualify for a lease at apartment complex as nice as the one Roy was providing for him.  It has been discovered that Maze was the man Cody connected with on Jack’d and exchanged explicit photos with that was mentioned in the police report and restraining order Cody took out on Roy.  Obnoxious Media has been able to confirm Cody was in fact a male escort and had a number of successful African American Males as clients in the Atlanta area.  Sources close to all the men involved are not sure if Cody charged Maze or not for the Long and strong services he provided nor are we clear if Maze knew Roy was a frequent client of Cody’s.  It seems that the Roy was extremely taken by Cody so much so that the luxury apartment where a Cody was killed actually was leased by Roy Mcclendon-Thompson and rent said to have been paid up for one year in advance.  Roy had the locks changed on the apartment he was providing for Cody on the same Saturday that he allegedly killed Maze two days later he instructed Cody to meet him at the apartment that he rented for him to get his things and leave.  Hard to believe Roy was able to keep all this up while having a live-in lover/husband. Cody went to the police after he put his life in jeopardy when he threatened to tell Roy’s lover of twenty plus years Maurice.  

The male escort was growing weary of dealing with Roy, but he wanted to keep the apartment or possibly work his position to move in with Maze.  Insiders say it really messed with Roy to come to terms that had been used by Cody to have only had sex with him twice and Cody says he never did anything sexually with Roy at all even though he was getting cashed out but the high school teacher. 

this all allegedly happened last weekend.
last monday,
roy died in a head on collision while being chased by th the police.
The Universe had him crash into a dump truck.

that story was a hot ass mess of confusion,
but i think i got it.
a few years ago,
the foxholer who sent me the story nearly messed with
cody was being flaky,
but the foxholer understands what was going on now.
cody was getting handsomely paid for giving them inches/walls/both.
it might have been the same Universe blocking the foxholer.
either way foxhole…

Stay away from these church DLs

they “be” crazy.

lowkey: check the comments under this…

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article via: obnoxioustv

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. I just knew Walter would have something to say about this. Messy old muscle queen. I just know when his YouTube video comes he’ll find some way to inject body types and HIV into this tragedy.

      1. ^and to add, Walter didn’t have facts, just spewing off what he thinks happened, he never mentioned anything about that Maze guy. So glad I made it out of ATL. Now if I could find a good honest/employed fit man.

    1. Anybody have tea on Walter? I know someone here knows something. He likes to depict this holier than thou image of himself while he constantly berates every black gay man he comes across. You’d think he was an anomaly in a city full of devils if you believed half of the shit he said. He claims Atlanta is so bad but still living his big grown ass there damn near at the age of 50. Like sis if you don’t..

      1. In his video, Walter said he met James Curtis on a dating app, they met up at the gym and went out to dinner, then he went on to say that he had to pay for Curtis’s dinner. I bet he paid for the dick.

        1. Walter comes off as the type to embellish stories and omit information just to make himself look good and others look bad. Take everything he says with a grain of salt.

          He seems like the type to berate men for having casual sex while he probably does it behind closed doors also. The same “trash” men he claims Atlanta is full of will be the same trash men that he entertains when he wants to get his rocks off. Bye Waltah’!

  2. No surprise. The church is notorious. I remember growing up my cousin got out of prison and joined the choir one Sunday and was fucking half the choir, some deacons, and ushers during the next month. Talk about prison trade. He was my uncle’s son so he thought nothing of telling me his plan and how he was going to work it and work it he did lol. He felt his dick went to the highest bidder but I knew he was doing both top and bottom and everything else bc he was a bodybuilder but never worked a day in his life while he was young. Kept nice everything and would always smile and say cuz you know what’s up..Some member was always trying to help him so they said. His phone was always ringing off the hook. He said they were always trying to turn him into a complete sex addict under the cover of the bible. too much. I remember him going to gospel conventions coming back home with thousands of dollars in his wallet. no lie I saw it myself

      1. Believe or not he always told me he told them he was sleeping with other people so don’t get attached. Since the people were all upstanding Christian folk lmao it never cause any problems bc they all knew who he was sleeping with and didn’t want their upstanding reputations ruined.
        He told me he told then if they acted out he’d cut off the dick supply. Guess it works when you can put it down like guess. I was always amazed at some of the people he told me was sneaking around with him. He’s now in in 40s and still has a bodybuilding body. He settled down with one of the deacons who helped him but didn’t want to sleep with him in the beginning. The deacon guy was married and later divorced his wife and now they’re really a couple but most people think their just roommates who are not in the know. My cousin is a licensed barber really good at it and gets really good business by being near a hbcu campus. I guess he has that older daddy vibe now lol

        1. Naw. Has nothing to do with sex. It all worked out because there was no betrayal. These situations usually go left because its typically spun in a web of lies that comes unraveling and fucks everyone that has gotten entangled in them. Knowingly and unknowingly.

          This got laid everything out. The truth was presented from jump, either they got with it or got lost. People need to be honest and communicate, we wouldn’t have a lot of problems of today

    1. I was wondering the same thing Malcolm. I thought he was the guy that tried to say he was with Tyler or something like that.

  3. Good Stuff Fox hole… and great post Foxie.

    I missed the that damn Facebook comments.

    Walter always been messy.

  4. What in the Gay Lifetime Hell is going on in ATL. This story is a whole Hot Ass Mess, you cant make something like this up because nobody would believe you. My friends in Atlanta had already told me about this and then I found out some more connections with people I actually know. One of my homies use to mess with Cody the Prison Trade and another friend use to hang out heavy with the shooter back in the day. Gay Black USA is really small. I found out that most Black gays have a connection to each other some kind of way especially those who are Out and party in different cities. There are many sad bottoms in ATL right now finding out that Cody one of the few remaining Tops in the whole city has gone on to Gay Glory. Speaking of Tyler Perry, I am sure he is waiting to obtain the rights to this story as I type this. This has to be craziest thing I have seen in a minute.

    1. ^damn,
      one of the few remaining wolves?!?!?!

      pour a little likka out for the death of that wolf.
      atl is crazy.
      im glad i didn’t move there when i had the option to.

    2. Uh… he was NOT one of the “few remaining Tops in the whole city”… he had your friends fooled bruh. We’re far n few between and seldom seen.

      1. @JB

        😆 I’ve never met a “Top” who at some point didn’t later become my bottom. Once a “Top” meets a dude who has that cool masculine sway and is also holding down weight in the meats department, all labels are off!

        Just saying…… your exclusive Tawp may in fact be someone else’s bottom 😗

        1. @pegasus, you’re preachin’ to the choir my dude and my statement was one of matter of factness, not one for a contrived challenge… and for the record, I’ve always been what u claim u are. *wink*

  5. Outstanding presentation, Jamari Fox, of this bizarre, troubling, very-Atlantean story. I can say I learned early on to be careful with the Church DL types. Fortunately none were murderous, but that was some above beyond the usual Black gay drama.

  6. I can believe it. A long time ago this fine DL church wolf cussed me out & basically told me I am worthless in the eyes of God and I need to kill myself.

    His anger stemmed from me confronting him about him being in the church and pretending to worship God with a Bible in one hand and a dick in the other.

    Baby he must have called me everything except a child of God but he was quick to belittle and see that I need to die.

    Church people are duked up in general but stay away from the DL ones…Just stay away from most DL dudes period.. Wait, just stay away from crazy folks..get to know someone a little longer & the minute they start tripping…bounce.

    This story is a mess alright. The fact that people have no regard for the lives of others shows the “evolution of mankind” very well.

    I don’t know much else about this case but it’s pretty tragic these overgrown gay/bi dudes killing folks.

    It just goes to show you to pick and choose your life accordingly and don’t think you can escape the coils of the Universe.

  7. Well damn..

    I first heard about this unspeakable drama via Walter Hampton’s youtube channel. I only recently learned of Dr. Maze’s death yesterday. I’m speechless at the levels some people go to just to get even. If someone cheats or lie to you then move on! You’re not that special! We’ve all been lied to and cheated on!

    Did Cody have some sort of Magical Dick or sumtin? Why are fools killing people over the meats? 😒

  8. None of this information about James is correct. You so called bloggers need to check your facts before spreading absolute lies. You know nothing about James. And Rashad/Roy whatever he was going by was no saint he was a liar, cheat, mentally ill and murder. THE DEVIL! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH THIS BULLSHIT!

    1. ^well instead of disrespecting us because we don’t know wtf was going on,
      why don’t you share with us so we can be corrected?

      that would help instead of being “pissed off”.

      1. No one really said anything bad about Cody in this thread! He knew that motherfucker was Coo Coo, but sadly the police didn’t take him seriously. This roy McClendon was the devil in disguise, and you know what Jamari, I’ve been reading these tribute to Roy McLendon and it’s sickening because they’re acting like he’s some kind of God or something, he was so nice and this and that he was a f****** devil. So Pissed Off, you have every right to be pissed off, but you’re pissed off at the wrong people.

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