so i watched the “game of thrones”, season 8 premiere, and well…

so i don’t know wtf was happening to my cable tonight,
but my shit kept freezing.
just as “game of thrones” was about to start.
i nearly flipped everything over in my living room.
after a while,
it started getting it’s shit in order.
a few thoughts

– tears legit came out my eyes when jon and arya reconnected.
i loved their sword measuring contest too.
i loved she also had to check him too.

– sansa and dany do not like each other and i love every minute of it.
sansa has evolved so much from who she was.

i thought they’d show euron fuckin’ the shit outta cersei.
pretty shocked they didn’t.

– how is cersei pregnant,
getting freshly fucked,
and drinking wine?

– “you want a whore: buy one.
you want a king: earn him.”
such a mood.

– “well i robbed you first…”
arya had no fucks to give with the hound.

– i’m shippin’ arya and gendry #relationshipgoals

– jon needed to put his back into it riding that dragon.

– i’m confused why bran sent sam to break the news to jon?
i know he is in a wheelchair,
but come on bran…

– i know sam.
she killed the cute brother.
i was upset about that too.

– that moment when you realized you smashed your aunt.

– i’m so happy theon rescued yara.
i loved she had to headbutt that ass first tho.

– theon has such an interesting arc.
castration looks good on him.

– i thought ginger daddy was gonna get killed.
he cannot die.
he has to give brienne some ginger tarth cubs.

– am i the only one who loves jamie lannister?
his arc >>>>
it’s like you gotta lose a limb on thos show to get with it.

ima need her to not put one-handed snow daddy on trial. 

– WHY did that episode feel so short?
i hate it’s only 5 more episodes.


other than that,
it was an excellent season premiere.
next week looks insane.

lowkey: i’m excited this show is coming back…

i’m ready for this to return.
this one looks intense:

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10 thoughts on “so i watched the “game of thrones”, season 8 premiere, and well…”

  1. She is pregnant by her brother Jamie– rewatch the scene– she only held the wine she never drank it– that is how Tyrion picked up last season that she was indeed pregnant

  2. Loved it. Can’t wait for next week. This show got too many characters that I like and it’s a shame to think that they all might die. But that Arya and Jon reunion got me. And Jon and Sam. I felt so bad for him.

  3. I’m ready for Big Little Lies season 2!!! Meryl’s coming in looking for answers about her son’s death.

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