your mental health needs a recharge

“When last have you taken a Mental Health Day?”

karaoke and i got into it over that question this morning.
my delivery may have been out of whack tho.
i have been feeling under the weather and a tad moody.
i believe everyone should take a mental health day once or twice a month.
if that’s pushing it,
once every other month.

mental health day (n)…

calling out,
or scheduling a day off,
to either do absolutely nothing/do self-care.

i usually call it a “mental vacation“,
but whatever you choose to call it,
it all leads to:

it might be a “millennial” concept of life,
but we aren’t trying to work like racehorses as other generations.
it’s that digusting concept of:


“i’ll sleep when i’m dead”

“you aren’t hustling hard enough if you’re taking a break”

this is why some companies are much more laid back now.
dressing up to sit at a desk is becoming a foreign concept.
work/life balance” is becoming more acceptable.
karaoke doesn’t take any mental health days.
she uses her pto for vacations.
for me,
if i’m not feeling it,
i’ll call out with no qualms.

Why go into work,
drained af,
to deal with nonsense and get even more burnt out?

you could like,
or even love,
your job/career and still find it stressful.
we spend 8+ hours a day at some of these jobs.
some of our bosses or co-workers can be full fledged jackals.
our weekends are busy with errands and outings that we barely rest.

Why not take a day a month to recharge?

i’m glad the tides are turning these days.
we need to acknowledge when we’re feeling burnt out.
if you been feeling stress and need to take a day off:


the job won’t go under if you take a day off.

lowkey: i take one day off from the foxhole a week.
i get overloaded with so much news,
i need a moment to be in a bubble of nothingness.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “your mental health needs a recharge”

  1. That sounds like a great idea. I always feel guilty when I take an off day, but like you said the office will not burn down whenever I decide to do so.


      the job won’t go under if YOU take the day off.
      YOU can’t make them money if you are burnt out.

  2. I do this every other month. Just call off from work for what I call a “me day” do whatever I want for me!! You have to or you will burn out for sure!!

    1. ^isn’t it a great feeling when everyone is at work and you are at home?
      you get to do whatever you please while everyone is working?

      i did that one time and i was walking around the city while folks were at work.
      it felt peaceful and i could feel myself recharging.

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