my soul needed a “homecoming”

i love to witness power in action.
hd and surround sound.
it’s gives a feeling that is unexplainable.
it’s like a source of energy.
that’s how i felt when i saw “beychella” last year at like 1am.
beyonce is power and many of us feed off of her.
she dropped her “homecoming: the live album” today,
which is the entire “beychella” set

…and i’m filled with power.
even though i’m feeling out of it,
this morning on the train to work,
i was able to step away to feed off her body of work.
this is now on my rotation.

Beychella has got to be my all time favorite moment from B

the use of live instruments >>>
the entire hbcu mood >>>
the way she commanded the stage for close to two hours >>>
how “happy to be nappy” it made me feel >>>

she made her-story being the first black vixen to grace the “coachella” stage.
she actually let it be known no one would compare after her.
i gotta watch the entire “homecoming” film on netflix:

…but i want to watch it on my tv.
the queen deserves my full attention in hd and surround sound.
i’m going to give it to her.

lowkey: “lemonade” will grace all streaming services next week,
didn’t i font i was due to listen to “lemonade” soon?
my power >>>
that album helped me get through a lot.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “my soul needed a “homecoming””

  1. I don’t listen to Beyonce but I’m glad you’ve found an outlet that gives you the boost of power you need. Ciara or Janet Jackson used to do that for me. Keep bopping and stomping over all the neg vibes daily. Do what you have to do to put your mind at ease in a positive way

  2. Watching it now and it really is a sight to behold again, the behind the scenes are really the most human we’ve seen Beyoncé look, and the way she carries herself and her drive are inspirational.

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