meet the newest member of the atl city council!

so one of my foxholer’s hit me in emails with:

“Antonio Brown is now on the ATL City Council!”

i was like:

“The baller wolf????”

sidebar: why are wolves trying to make themselves ugly these days?
what -the entire fuck- is going on with ^this pic?

the foxholer said “no”.
he was fonting about this wolf…

Atlanta residents on the Westside elected Antonio Brown to be their new city councilman during a runoff on Tuesday night.

Brown, a 34-year-old businessman, defeated former Atlanta Public Schools board member Byron Amos in the runoff for the District 3 post.

The political newcomer says he’ll approach his new role on the city council from an “independent perspective.”

“My campaign was really driven by the people,” Brown told 11 Alive during his victory party.

“I believe the people were tired. They wanted their voices to be heard, and that is a reflection of the outcome of today.”

Brown now fills the vacant seat formerly held by the late Ivory Lee Young Jr., who died in November.

and allegedly,
he is representing the gay community in atl.
i don’t know if he is straight or not.
i’ve seen him in pics with some of the expensive attentionistos on ig,
but who is to say a straight wolf can’t have gay friends?
either way,
congrats on such a big win antonio!

lowkey: ya know,
i thought he was a socialite in atlanta.
i didn’t know he was such a big deal.

article cc: gpbnews

Author: jamari fox

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22 thoughts on “meet the newest member of the atl city council!”

    1. Valid question. LOL I think it’s brown. I had the same question about Marcus Scribner (I think his is pink). Light skinned men are such a crap shoot. It’s exciting in a way.

  1. He’s cute. Watching his ad and the way he motions his hand with that fist grip doesn’t look like the typical raise the fist as much as it does the beat your meat for political protection protest.

    Hope he does Atlanta well in his new role. I like his energy.

    Thank goodness it wasn’t the first guy.. Complete Nightmare on Decatur thing going on.

  2. Congrats to Antonio,I’ve been following him for about 3 years he’s a good guy.He ‘s very positive,very Zen also he has been working with the less fortunate, with people with HIV,the homeless,etc. for years.I am so proud of him he has overcome so much, from sexual abuse,parents in prison,mental illness,etc.His mom and siblings live in Houston.There are lots of articles about him being the first black openly LGBTQ Atlanta City Council Member.

      1. Yeah
        Months ago he joked about people mixing him up with the other Antoinio Brown when they meet him.Even though they look nothing alike 😂.


    Here’s an article about it. Antonio is exactly what District 3 needs in Atlanta. He’s kind, caring, and compassionate. He always helping the homeless and those who need him. I have nothing bad to say about Antonio. He’s an all around good guy. Not self absorbed the least bit. He’s of mixed heritage. 34 years old. He has a beautiful family. His brothers all of them are gorgeus lol. He’s tells of the hard life he had growing up when his mom went to prison he stepped up to take care of the fam. But look what GOD DID KNOW. His mom is out now a Motivation Speaker doing well. Him and his family is a Living Testament that no matter what a person go through in life its not the end and their’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Quite Inspiring. I love Atlanta and no matter what ppl say, ppl have come here despite their background and made something of themselves. Everything we go through in life is preparing us for the GREATER THATS COMING.

  4. Glad to hear this gay cutie pie won. From the little I saw before this election he appeared to be a breath of fresh air. I hope he stays on the good path and continues working for the people.

    PS: Maybe he’ll even become Atlanta’s mayor, Georgia’s governor or our first Black gay Prez some day. Just putting the good vibes out there.

  5. Well, he seems like a really nice guy, so it is good to see he won. I find him attractive very as well.

  6. Laban “photoshopped booty attentionisto” King is somewhere seething. That joke ran for ATL mayor last year and lost. LOL! Congratulations to fine ass Councilman Brown.

    1. Oh well , IF TRUE, his opponents and critics had ample time to bring that up during the campaign (general election or run off election).

      I just watched his swearing in ceremony with all his family there to support him.I’m so happy for him 😃.

  7. When its all said and done he’s a good man. Who done more for Atlanta in the six years or more he’s been here than half the ppl in or out of office. Nothing but good things to say about him. He was out here feeding and housing the homeless helping gay youth get educated helping lift them out of poverty long before he had ambitions to be elected official. Like he said before, A person dont have to hold office to help out the community. He literally dropped out of school just to get a job at Krogers to support his siblings when his mom couldnt find a job then she eventually went back to prison. (Out now doing well.) He stepped up to be the man of the house when no one else would. Antonio had multiple hardships to get to where he is now. Shoewear being sold in Nordstrom, endorsed by celebs, well connected, and most of all foundations giving back to his ppl. This man is a saint. The ppl had more than enough time to choose who they wanted. And they chose. So FOH with the smear campaign. Who ever he sleeping with is his business and his business alone. Plenty have been caught in more compromising positions than him (not saying the allegations are true) He got a good heart and thats all that matters. Most of the ppl here in Atlanta have nothing but nice things to say about him. Whatever he havw done in the past needs to be kept in the past. Congrats Councilman Brown. Continue to shine on your haters. Nowing him he’ll hurt them more with kindness than a negative word.

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