michael sam is blaming the gays for his career going nowhere

i always didn’t understand the point of coming out so publicly.
it’s like you get this massive celebration,
 confetti goes up in the air,
but as soon as the novelty wears off,
it ends up with no one giving a fuck about you.
you learn quickly that your sexuality doesn’t mean you’re a unicorn.
it’s like a celeb who has nothing else to offer.
you’re back to being a regular person who happens to be gay.
well ex baller wolf,
michael sam,
is “that person”.
hes’sblaming the gay community for it as well.
a foxholer sent me the article via “the blaze“…

In an emotional interview published on Yahoo News, former NFL player Michael Sam recounts how his life fell apart after he was celebrated as the first openly gay player in the NFL.

Sam also criticizes the LGBT community, among others, for not helping him after his life had spiraled out of control.

Sam says he began to abuse drugs and alcohol and lost control of his life.

When he found himself in a one-bedroom apartment in Dallas by the Fall of 2016, he reached out to the LGBT community who had championed him before, as well as other sports organizations and businesses.

Despite the previous support they had shown him, “no one would give me a job,” he said.

“Where was the support that I got for coming out?” Sam added. “I felt like I was used by everyone.”

He was partying, working out and hooked on cocaine. “I felt lost and worthless,” he said.

Sam has since stopped abusing hard drugs after an ayahuasca retreat in Peru. He is working to heal his broken relationship with his family.

folks really should stop doing things because others think it’s a good idea.
michael’s main issue was thinking the white gays were gonna stand with him.
i’m sure they enjoyed that bbc,
but when he wasn’t able to produce results aka money,
they dropped him like a bad habit and moved on.
what happened to his twink fox anyway?

from what i remember,
wasn’t he so far removed from the black gay community too?
like many others who see stardom on the horizon,
either straight or gay,
they get into this “white was right” and it almost never ends well.
michael became such a distraction that it fucked him up honestly.
he should have played a season or two,
build his reputation up,
prove himself,

and then come out once he secured all the bags.
he realized college ball is not like nfl ball.
his whole roll out was messy and it ended with him being a bust.
a shame “they” gassed his head up and bust his bubble all at the same time.
i hope he’s able to bounce back into something he’ll do better in.

article cc: the blaze

read the full article: yahoo

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

39 thoughts on “michael sam is blaming the gays for his career going nowhere”

  1. He ought to blame himself and that social climbing white twink sugar baby boyfriend of his. They’re the real reason why his career went nowhere.

  2. LOL just came here for the comments and they didn’t disappoint! Ruthless! *Grabs popcorn*

    1. Hahahaha IKR!!! me too…I love how the vets (@Jay, @Tajan and @TheMan) come out of nowhere, just to throw some shades and then disappear lol, just like nothing happened lmao. You gotta love the FoxHole!!!

  3. My thing of it is this. Why can’t he just move on and do something else? Surely football is not the only thing he can do?

    Instead of him whining about it, go be the change. A 15 year old boy just committed suicide because he was bullied for being gay. I’m pissed but it’s over and done.

    Sam could be out here basically showing younger BLACK men that it’s okay to do what you love & be gay. He could be not looking for support from a bunch of narcissistic homos and instead be uplifting to people of color who are still struggling. This is the perfect time for him to say he screwed up but he ain’t give up. He’s black and proud to be gay.

    While I won’t comment on his obsession over liking white boys..some of these gay-leberties of color need to focus on their own communities.

    Why not start an LGBT football league or something, preferably with POC? If he can’t find anything else to do, use his talent to help others? 🤷‍♂️

  4. I am very sorry for Sam’s situation but the onus is on Sam and no one else. Sam, naively, chose to come out (& surround himself those racist, selfish White gays) when the country was supposedly evolving around gay marriage. Sam was talented and could have had a career in the NFL; his coming out is what killed it. The NFL was and always will be a boys club in certain aspects despite half of its current players being gay themselves, I am sure.

  5. People really don’t remember how much of a media whore he was during his 10 minutes of fame. He was even trying to film a reality tv show during practice.

    Those white LGBT organizations and people he had around him finessed the hell out of him and went ghost.

    I remember some of the very SAME people posting in this comment section saying he was going to be making big money with endorsements, speaking engagements, and being in good with the whites.

    I won’t call names, but just know I have a memory like an elephant and I was right 😂🤷🏾‍♂️.

  6. Like boy bye messing with white trash got him outed not having a legit publist and manager gets was forced to come out which was a recipe to tell before he got a big contract I mean he got a big ass he could’ve did porn dance but drugs oh no boo that’s not the answer or how bout getting a job

  7. I don’t remember anybody in the “Black Gay Community “ supporting Michael Sam during his march towards the NFL draft and the immediate fallout afterwards. So why are we acting as if he said something wrong now when many of you were indifferent towards his coming out? Is he lying about how the gays turned their backs on him? He spoke the truth. You don’t have to like it but it’s the damn truth.

    Furthermore, the LGBT community is fickle af. And the Black Gay community as a political and social force is non existent. Don’t count on them being there for you when needed. I don’t care who you are.

    1. I mostly agree with you. Black gays constantly put themselves last by moving the goalpost for people that clearly abhor their existence.

      Michael Sam chose to shove this Gay Athlete (he was a gay figure before being an athlete) narrative down people’s throat for media validation but he couldn’t back it up. How he learns the hard way about how things works.

      I wish him the best.

    2. There was black gay supporting him funny thing four days ago before this arctic cameout he was liking half naked gay white men on Twitter and he supporting pete the gay white man who become to be president this dude is a hypocrite

  8. I don’t know…is it strange that every gay-leberty of color who becomes popular always has a white person on their shoulder? It’s as if media wants you to believe that without a white person or white people involved, black folks (black men) can’t be successful. From news reporters to singers, to athletes, there is always a white person attached. Even in porn, some of the popular straight black wolves are all up in white women faces. However, when they crash, the whites are no where to be found & they start pointing fingers.

    Michael Sam had one purpose…to make a fool out of a Black Gay man in a national setting. He had two strikes against him..He’s Black & Gay. To further fuel the fire, he was paired with a twink, which is the highlight of BBC porn. The epitome of fetishism of the big aggressive black man & the helpless soft white man. The catch all of the all Black Top pounding out the white bottom. C’mon now people with this again.

    Ya know America is full of shit. Hell, they raised money for a dam religious tower in another country before they funded the folks water in Flint, Michigan anything who are in danger of illnesses & whatnot. A place in their own country. 🙄

    This whole event seems scripted to me (like everything else). 🤷‍♂️ I bet the execs we’re laughing as they were coming up with a plan on how they would use him.

    I live by is this, Michael no one owes you anything. You are responsible for your own choices, no one else. When things go wrong, blame yourself, learn from your mistakes and move on. LGBTQ is not responsible.

    Also, though I may get some slack for this comment, just because you are LGBTQ, doesn’t mean I have to automatically support you. I don’t have to support in anything (any cause) I don’t believe in. Me liking dick is pretty a non factor of how I view people & what they stand for.

    In any case, I would like to see Michael move to something else better. Folks that know better, do better & best of luck to him.

    He’s cute & has a nice butt in those pants too, if I must add.

  9. The Yahoo article is better than the clickbait posted. It’s clear Michael didn’t have a foundation from his family first. People can judge so harshly as if context doesn’t matter. It boggles me. No one is saying Sam shouldn’t be criticized, but understanding the situation can be helpful for the NEXT black gay (whatever) to avoid similar missteps.

  10. I feel bad for him, because no matter what, no matter how badly things turned out, he will always be the first drafted NFL player to come and BE out as a openly gay man during the draft. & as has happened in other major sports (NBA with Jason Collins; pro soccer with Justin Fashanu, etc.), the pathblazer was and is a BLACK man.

    Clearly he was confused about who his allies and support system were; his family seemed troubled and the white folks were there, at least temporarily, to offer what he thought he needed. But it was clear from day one that Michael Sam didn’t have a solid foundation of BLACK support close to him, so when things fell apart, he was on his own. It’s tragic, really. I hope he stays off the hard drugs and finds his way.

    As for that ex who fled, it seems so many Black gay male celebs (Karamo, Don Lemon, RuPaul, Bill T. Jones, Keiynan Lonsdale, Frank Ocean (?), etc. though not Jussie and a few others) still run right into the arms of white men. That white boyfriend/husband/partner still brings a lot of social capital and cachet, especially with other white gay people, even if it does nothing for Black LGBTQs.

    1. I just want to thank Jamari Fox for the link to the Yahoo article on Michael Sam’s experience, which gives a lot more background and context than The Blaze piece. Sam’s family story is really sad, and it’s clear he didn’t have the foundation and support he needed to be the first out NFL draftee and player. Even if he didn’t fully have the talent, and I think he did, he wasn’t psychologically prepared or supported enough. (I also feel that was why Kerry Rhodes, who was outed by his lover-assistant, also didn’t just come out, but instead rushed out to marry a (white) woman, with the marriage falling apart six months or so later.) Whoever follows him in coming and being out in the NFL will have to have that, especially if he’s Black.

  11. Didn’t he go to college? What did he major in? Why is he looking for hand outs when he’s made it further than most individuals?

  12. I’m not for anybody who is not riding im rooting for everybody black campaign sorry not sorry

  13. SMFH……..These Bread fruit always want to ROLL back into the community they are from after realizing the community they loved dont really eat bread fruit.

    Michael Sam can fuck off. No one held a gun to his head. His decisions only. If he were white I am sure there would have been a happy ending, no pun intended. But a black athlete coming out was not only a so called “distraction” but unacceptable in the white man’s game. .

    Where was his white lover? What went wrong there, drugs? Oh please. All white boys love drugs they just kicked his ass out the curve as he became a financial burden and obviously the black cock was no longer a novelty.

    I have no sympathy. I am sure there is more to the story from the streets.

  14. Well ,well . I wanted to like him ,but he seemed to turn his back on us Brothers. I stopped supporting and following him when I kept seeing him around everyone but Black people.. I’m for diversity ,but as an African American ..WE MUST HAVE UNITY. I pray that he wakes up . BTW I follow Sports and he wasn’t that Good!

    1. I imagine the waking up was so harsh. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way. I get the impression that he’s seen the light. He lost his bearings, thinking the white Gay community was the place to be, they showed him real fast. I’m happy for him that he’s trying to go back to his roots. No matter how dysfunctional they may be, always remember where U come from. Hope this was a wake up call. White people in general don’t care about Black people, they care about their own well being.

  15. Pineapple you better throw that ass in a circle and get you an Onlyfans page or start stripping for snow bunnies in Weho and you also can start a Gofundme I am sure you will get a shitload of donations from all these who love interracial relationships. Let this be a lesson to never trust the Rainbow Brite Love is Love Crowd. You got played but hopefully you can see the light and Bro its not White no matter what you heard. Time to hustle and write a book and get on the speaking circuit, because cut throat ass snow people dont have no fukks to give, they will sell their own mama’s out for a dollar. I wonder when he watches his gay highlight reel does he cringe as much as the rest of us when he see some of his worst hits like kissing that white dude on the red carpet and professing all his love to someone who probably got their number changed or blocked his ass once the cheddar ran out. Anyway Good Luck!

  16. I think michael got confused and thought he was white gay. There are plenty of white gay men in the industry and they are treated with respect. rappers and athletes take pics with them hug them call them friends. Where as black gays are no where near excepted. Andy cohen, Sam smith, Matt bomer, Tom ford, ect. Are on top and respected where as lee Daniels, jussie smollett, milan christopher are fags. It’s kinda sad.

    1. wel Milan can’t get respect when he is clearly acting like an attention jezebel.

    2. Milan Christopher? I have to laugh. I do get your point of white gay men who have some pull in the industry getting respect yes compared to black counterparts, but Milan is nothing but a trashy attention-seeking stunt-queen who lives for social media gratification. Don Lemon would have been a better example.

  17. bad guidance through his agents and everyone around him, no common sense. i don’t feel sorry for him at all. lesson learned about how real life and business works when you black.the nfl is about dollars and sense nothing too political or polarizing that could reduce the mighty dollar return for all the billionaire owners. the white gays were never for him as they are only for themselves…when the novelty wears off they move on like the twink did. he had no connection to the black gay community bc he thought being with someone white could be his ticket. how many ballers end up with white women and later divorced with becky taking them to the bank?

      1. Hey we barely behind each other… Honestly tho I thought the same same was going to happen to Frank Ocean. The white gay community really don’t f*** with black people unless we say fetishizing you or you a winner! They f***** Ol boy and they left his ass where he was at.

        1. Hope they used some lube cuz by the looks of things, ol’ boy done got screwed hard! SMH

  18. Now he knew damn well that the NFL ain’t gonna accept any openly gay player!!! I bet at least 40% or more of the players are bi/gay many of them married or dating just to save face, you can’t blame them, all of the money and endorsements, Sam went about it all wrong, then with that tired ass boy he was dating. He just as stupid as the ones that run to the white women, once the well runs dry they head for the hills.

    1. Right Same thing happened to Sam as happened to loads of other college football players. He was exposed as not being good enough to cut it in the NFL. Move on.

  19. So he regret being gay as well the straight black community didn’t support him too why he didn’t went against them He dumb I bet he going to believe that his gayness is a sin a becoming an ex gay and married a woman

      1. He is still Gay go on his Twitter account he like pictures of half naked white dudes I seen the picture of him with a white Woman they are friends

  20. Hpnestly I’m not going to cry one tattooed tear for him, I feel like his whole coming out story was just an attention grab he’s mad because the gay community wasn’t there for him but can anyone tell me what he was doing for the gay community before his life spiraled out of control?

    1. lol. Esp after his damn daddy told him not to say shit. At least spend a couple of years in the NFL before trying to do some dumb shit like that, but he didnt listen. So. oh well. lol

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