some of the situations ya’ll find yourself in…
sometimes it’s a mixture of “duh” or super predatory behavior.
so we meet straight males at bars,
have them come over to our cribs,
and sexually assault them while they are sleeping in our beds?
some live to tell the tale; others don’t.
the victim in this story learned the hard way but the story is off



if you look at my most gay’s porn history,
some gays think rough sex means a solid sexual experience.
i feel like rough sex can look good on onlyfans.
i’m looking at you:

in the real forest,
sometimes you want to be fucked ROUGH.
you walk in the door and your manz randomly throws you on the table.
i love the “make up sex” version of rough sex tbh.
i want some daddy issues.

“Yes Daddy…
light hoke

I won’t have a smart ass mouth anymore…
smack across ass

that just raises my endorphins to helium levels in my soul.
i’ll cook a negro a 5-star breakfast after that kind of shit.
rough sex can cause a lot of wear and tear on your foxhole if done too much.
it should never look like this tho:

mlb baller wolf,
trevor bauer of the dodgers,
was asked to do some brutal rough sex with ^that she-jackal.
she decided to claim he did it purposely and tried to ruin his career.
a judge ruled this via “tmz“…


michael sam is blaming the gays for his career going nowhere

i always didn’t understand the point of coming out so publicly.
it’s like you get this massive celebration,
 confetti goes up in the air,
but as soon as the novelty wears off,
it ends up with no one giving a fuck about you.
you learn quickly that your sexuality doesn’t mean you’re a unicorn.
it’s like a celeb who has nothing else to offer.
you’re back to being a regular person who happens to be gay.
well ex baller wolf,
michael sam,
is “that person”.
hes’sblaming the gay community for it as well.
a foxholer sent me the article via “the blaze“…

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Daddy Please Claim My Body

d124089a75dba8a694ad5de2b17eb75ethis is a really heartbreaking story.
i had to post it because it shows another side of this life.
so all of the orlando victims from the pulse massacre have been buried.
well one father refused to claim his cub after learning he was gay.
this is the story via the advocate
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f0xmail: I Am HIV Positive and My Boyfriend Is Still Cheating!

Havent spoken to you in a while, well just wanted to give you an update on where I am now, and you know theres always something I need help with and feel you are someone I can talk to, a while back I ttold you about my boyfriend who told me that I play the victim and that I am HIV positive, well I’m still with him and theres has been a lot going on since then, so after my boyfriend cheated on me and I still took him back, at some point I guess I went out and did the same because he was still chilling with the guy he cheated on me with and I would sit home hoping that the relationship could get better, but I fund myself back on the “sites” and started talking to this guy, he would come over was a someone I could talk to and I told him my situation but all he wanted from me was sex and I didn’t want that, he wanted a relationship to but I thought it was to quick and that he wanted sex all he time turned me off..

Any who, my Boyfriend was jealous about it and he is a very attractive guy, he could get anyone he wants and alongside me I get jealous because I feel I’m a cute guy, I have a lot going on for myself but I guess I’m very insecure like I could not get the guy of my dreams if it saved my life, feeling as though I’m settling for with my boyfriend because of my virus and no one would ever want me, I remember you told me to be by myself that will make me happy, your right but, it still is hard to really be alone and I jus wont have that one person I can call my own, I love my (ex) Boyfriend but when I want the best for him he never listens to me, i’m 21 and he is 27, he top and i’m bottom, and I guess he loves his pride so much and no one can tell him anything.

furthermore, after I meet the other guy, he went out and had sex with 7 different people, including, one guy who was my first who is now a bottom which I never knew about, and some other guys in the scene I really don’t talk to, too much, I got over that also because I was talking to this other guy, but now I feel with the guy it was what it was at the moment, me and my ex are kind of back together its very complicated, we smoke everyday, drink everyday and it gets scary sometimes but I never been so attatch to a guy and I love him a lot but we are in a toxic place right now, I worry about him, my health, and my life on where it will go, with that all being said, he has a Ex in DC who they both had a relationship for 6 years and now he feels where he is located now is not the right place for him to live at, his Ex has been telling him for months he could come back to live with him, but he tells me its a friendship and nothing more, I was kind of left in the cold because I gave my all and only for him to leave me, he recently just told me yester that he was going to dinner with family but meet up with the person he cheated on me with and they went to friendly’s to so called have some closure, but he tells me that the guy would tell him they only reason why they are not to together because he is still in love with me, my boyfriend tells me he has things mentally that he can offer, oppose to me, he loves me dearly, but loves the sex and loves the fact I can let him be himself and not feel like life is taking him down, because he recently lost his job in march but works somewhere less from what he is use to making. he goes though my phone whether its on sites or text message that people send me and criticizes me, but when I want to go in his phone he doesnt allow for me to and I don’t think I ever went through his phone,  now i’m left feeling like how will I pick up the pieces, who will love me like he does, I don’t want to go back to being depressed, I’m content right now, but could be better, just want someone I share myself with and I keep finding guys who often leave me after a couple of months, I don’t know if they use me for sex, money or what the case may be, I’m in College, I have my own place, I work and I can say that i’m stable but I’ve been through much in my life but it hasn’t taken over me and I just want the best for myself.

recently I have found myself back on BGC, Adam4Adam and Jack’d but none of these guys actually want a relationship, friendship or even find me attractive, although I have been told im a cute guy, but all they want is sex and my questions are to you jamari is, do I just let the right person find me, where should I stand with my boyfriend who has done much for me but can be the biggest jerk at times and I man what would you do in this situation? I hope you can help me, I’m alittle lost right now and need to know what steps right now should I take for it becomes continuous.


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f0xmail: I Am HIV Positive and My Boyfriends Think I’m Playing The Victim! Help!

another one.
and a deep one at that…

Hey whats Up Jamari…

Since I think of you like a friend in my head *quote on quote Wendy Williams* I wanted to come to you about a situation and I know you will be honest and was hoping you can help….

So I am HIV Positive, and have been for three years now, and it has been a hard road for me but i have been strong since I was diagnosed, I recently got out of a relationship and my ex told me that he had been hearing things from people that i am naive, and dumb..he also said that I like to play the victim and at this point its getting a little played out and some ways I don’t feel like I am, people know but its only in certain groups that people don’t like me because of it, or they think i’m nasty or a whore,but was raped by two people who didn’t tell me in a attempts I try not to be a victim and want others to feel sorry for me, but I have emotions that are sometimes very sensitive, The nature of who I am is very passive and a sensitive person, he told me the victim role I play is getting a little worn out (dassel in distress and thatI need to grow up and basically stop using it as an excuse, how do I get over being a victim, and recently he cheated on me and I brought it up to him because I guess I’m hurt and the person he is with is still having a friendship/sex with them and isn’t talking to me, I guess blaming him is a way of being a victim but however would you know know what I can do,  I’m going on 21 and I cant be miserable and depressed forever, its hard and I really want to be happy not miserable all the time, its not fun, and I want to be in love but guys seem to leave me after five months maybe i’m doing something, all I get is that I have good sex never a full term relationship, idk its alot going on and I hope this isnt to much for you either but, what should I do, any thoughts and what would you suggest?…


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