some of the situations ya’ll find yourself in…
sometimes it’s a mixture of “duh” or super predatory behavior.
so we meet straight males at bars,
have them come over to our cribs,
and sexually assault them while they are sleeping in our beds?
some live to tell the tale; others don’t.
the victim in this story learned the hard way but the story is off

Jhmahl Leevernon Shannon, 31, is charged with two counts of second-degree murder, court records show. He remains in custody at the Hennepin County Jail on $1 million bail.

According to a criminal complaint, Shannon had called 911 to report that a man had sexually assaulted him and that he had “knocked out” his assailant. Officers responded to the apartment building on the 400 block of First Avenue North and found Shannon standing outside.

At first, Shannon was taken to the hospital for a sexual assault examination but was later arrested after medics pronounced the 50-year-old man dead at the scene.

Shannon told investigators he had met the homicide victim the night before at bar close, at Fifth Street and Hennepin Avenue South. The man had invited Shannon up to his apartment “to smoke marijuana and party with other people,” the complaint states, but the man did not have any marijuana, and no one else showed up.

The man let Shannon take a shower and stay the night; they both slept on the man’s bed. Shannon told police he awoke to the man performing a sex act on him, prompting him to get out of bed and voice his displeasure. Shannon told police he then went to the bathroom before returning to the bed and pretending to fall asleep.

At one point, the man tried to pull down Shannon’s underwear. Shannon told police he then “wrapped his legs around (the) Victim’s neck and squeezed hard,” the complaint states. Shannon also admitted to punching the man in the face, neck and body.

Shannon told police he “wanted to kill the Victim but was thinking about his own six children,” according to the complaint.

either there are two idiots in this story or this was “one of those stories“.
it’s pretty idiotic to stay in a situation if you’ve been lied to.
the red flag was being promised smoke and none was to be had.
my next confusing question is:

Why did he get comfortable enough to take a shower and sleep in someone strange male’s bed?

not only that but:

…getting back into a strange male’s bed after an alleged sexual assault?

in my head,
this wasn’t a sexual assault.
this feels like someone who went to experiment with another male.
it doesn’t appear that he was being lied to or led on.
he did a lot of shit that would be on anyone’s suspect list.
i think after he got head,
he might have his “post nut clarity” and went crazy.
if ^this isn’t the case:

This hyena is really dumb or the victim was a predator.

i guess his children didn’t truly matter because…

article cc: kspt


  1. The victim is a family of mines he was disable and had a stroke this guy kill him for nothing he couldn’t dress him self so how could he rape someone one side of his body didn’t work I love u Patrick and miss u so much rip

  2. I know the detectives were like, “you know you fucked up right”. So you wake up to a man giving you head. Take a shower and still feel comfortable enough to get back in the SAME bed that the man “allegedly” stole some head. Let him pull yo underwear off then decide to put him in a leg lock. If this man was so called a threat, why did you get back in the bed with just your underwear on. He already tried when you had clothes on but you get back in the bed with less clothes on! Everybody knows you are not sleep when you let them pull the underwear off, you even said you faked sleep. So why would you scoot yo ass up and let him take the underwear off if you didn’t want him to suck yo dick?! Then you call 9-1-1 instead of taking yo black ass back home to yo 6 kids! I don’t care who house it is, if you rub me the wrong way, I’m taking my ass home. How did you get to the bar and not have a way home? If you had a car, you know damn well you wanted some head and you didn’t like it. You had a phone, why you didn’t call for yo ride to come pick you up. I would’ve sat my ass outside until my ride showed up. I would have downloaded UBER or Lyft and took advantage of a free ride for first time customers. My ass would have made a free email on Gmail and used that. Got my free ride home.

    There is always 3 sides to a story: His victim side, the suspect side, and the truth.

  3. Yes Jamari. You really called this one out for what it is .

    Many Gay men fall victim to evil “Straight” men and pay a price. This one is rare because the Murderer called and revealed so much information.

    Please , please be careful my brothers who you take home. hook up with etc…This happens a lot and it does not go reported.

  4. ,🤔🤔🤔Jamari you nailed it with these 2 questions: Why did he get comfortable enough to take a shower and sleep in someone strange male’s bed? AND …getting back into a strange male’s bed after an alleged sexual assault?

    Look don’t listen to these MFers. He knew EXACTLY why he was there. He knew the man was gay. He’s a player. He got 6 kids. He didn’t get them for his looks either 🤣😂 Something went down and it’s always what was promised in terms of Dollars wasn’t delivered🥺🥺 They always use this OhMyGod I was assaulted excuse and thankfully juries are seeing right through their lying ass. 😂😂 sad the guy had to die but that’s the life he choose to live. There are always consequences.😟

  5. Now wait a minute…..U mean to tell me he went and got back in the bed after what had happened the first time!?!?!?!…… Something in the milk ain’t clean about this situation!!! Make it make sense to me….

    1. Yall know what this foolishness is.

      And not 6 kids…

      But most importantly, wtf did that photoshopped Nene gif come from? Lmao. I wasn’t ready for that.

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