jealousy is like madness.
it makes anyone afflicted crazy.
if you have something special that someone else doesn’t,
you are in for a world of torment.
your reputation will be ruined and you may get beat up.
two she-hyenas were afflicted over their alleged friend,
maya tremillo,
who is pictured above.
as the story usually goes,
it was over a boy and well per daily mail


A teenage girl was filmed being viciously beaten by two other girls – one of them her best friend – after her supposed pal  lured to a Texas park late at night, according to police and the shocking video.

Maya Tremillo, 17, suffered a concussion, several cuts to her face and a sprained ankle after the shocking beating at Clifton City Park on April 18 by Savannah Walker (left), 17, and 17-year-old Ahliah Vestal (right), the Clifton Police Department said.

The two girls were charged with aggravated assault.

A third unidentified suspect, who filmed the beatdown and posted it to Snapchat, was also taken into custody and charges are pending.

The girls attend the same high school in Clifton, about 35 miles northwest of Waco, and Maya was attacked by the other teens because of a spat over a boy, her distraught mother said.

On the day of the fight, Tremillo was told by Vestal – her best friend – to bring back some shoes she had previously borrowed, which the victim reportedly thought was an odd request, according to her mother.

But when Tremillo made it to the park and approached Vestal’s car, she was attacked by Walker, who was coming out of the vehicle, local authorities confirmed.

this is all three in better times:

ol girl on the left looks like the one on the right’s mother.
how crazy that she was set up by her “best friend” like that.
i read the article one thing confused me:

Why did Maya go meet with two hoes who were threatening her online?

didn’t she find it weird “hoe a” wanted her to return shoes?
in a park after hours?
i would have told “hoe a” to come to my house and they’ll be on the porch.

even tho we don’t know the whole story,
the whole situation is a mess.
i have been in my fair share of jealousy triangles.
no one wins and usually…

The male ain’t a prize to be fighting for anyway.

i feel like if a quality male is attracted to one person,
but isn’t attracted to someone else,
he would be honest and let the person know he isn’t feeling them.
from my experience,
a lot of these males get an ego boost from this type of shit.

they love to know vixens and gays are fighting over them.

Don’t fall into that trap.

he’ll be giving the beef to someone else while others are beefin’ over him.
stay woke.

lowkey: was maya poppin’ off too?

article cc: daily mail


  1. Reminds me of Kenneka Jenkins who was set up at a hotel party. Except she never made it home from a hotel where there were no staff on duty nor security while a party was conducted and guests were complaining. She wandered off to an locked security area where only a security key can get her in. That was the last of Kenneka Jenkins. She was found dead inside a broken refrigerator frozen that was unplugged.

  2. Ugh and the fact that they don’t realize it only makes u look MORE JEALOUS! I understand it hurts sometimes seeing someone that seems to have “more” then you, but displays like this only highlight how obviously intimidated/insecure you are! ….. and the nigga STILL gon like HER at the end of the day anyway!

  3. Let’s hope for justice. When I was in ms, 2 girls got into it over some boy. 1 brought a knife and ended up stabbing the other in the jugular. Victim died, and the killer only got juve because she was a minor. Smh

    Thankfully it didn’t end worse for this young lady.

    Like Jamari said, he’s giving someone else the beef, while they’re over there beefin over him. Smh

  4. Wow they really scratched her face up. That’s some cold shit. They hated her that much. When I was in school I heard of girls pouring lye on girls hair just because they were jealous of it. How sad that people actually think that to do hateful things to others it will benefit them somehow. I mean what’s really the point of doing all this. They should use the same energy in the gym and maybe they’d feel better about themselves and won’t have to make other people feel terrible. And the fact that they planned this whole thing. It’s pathetic.

  5. When I say pretty with pretty,uglies with uglies,people come for me, when you’re young, you have to hang out with people that match your prettiness etc

    1. As much as I hate to agree, I would have to in this instance. You see a pretty girl hanging with an average chick, you can bet the pretty girl will get the attention and that will lead to animosity/hate/jealousy between them, with the average chick harboring the feelings.

  6. Just send those two to the toughest prisons U can find. Teach them both a lesson that they’ll never forget.
    Next time they think about doing something like this, they’ll think twice.

    1. ^ i’m sure their future is ruined just off the strength of it being recorded.
      folks love recording their crimes and have it backfiring.

      1. Exactly. Kid nowadays are too stupid to realize they shouldn’t record criminal activity, because someone in that circle is going to post it and then their asses are toast.

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