you know what?
i’m always right.
when i saw this new story about britney spears and sam asghari,
the first thing i said out loud was:


why did i say that?

While the saying goes: “First comes love, then comes marriage,” it seems a prenup plan has been all but forgotten about.

Pregnant Britney Spears, who is expecting her first child with fiancé Sam Asghari, is eager to get married ASAP, but the couple hashing out their prenuptial agreement is apparently causing quite the holdup.

“The talks have been taking longer than usual,” confided an insider to the print issue of Us Weekly. “Sam wants substantial increases for every fives years they are married, should it end.”

Another source noted that while the process is being dragged out, the discussions are “respectable” in terms of making sure both Spears’ fortune and Asghari himself are protected so the handsome hunk, 28, “doesn’t end up penniless if they separate.”

Despite not having control of her estimated $60 million estate while in her near-14-year-long conservatorship, the source told the publication that the princess of pop, 40, has no interest in knowing any of the financial details, as she’s only concentrated on planning their big day.

the comments under this tweet are so telling.

britney is staying out of it because she isn’t in her right mind.

Is he rich?

why is he allegedly concerned with being penniless?
britney probably is worth more than he is.

i have never heard of this dude besides “looking good“.
i don’t gaf how good he looks…

something about him is not right to me.
some of the best lookin’ mofos are hustlers.
look how they hustle gay males on onlyfans.
the “#freebritney” squad is gonna have egg on their faces.

…and my response will be a massive eye roll.

lowkey: when this shit goes south,
like i know it will,
i want everyone to say…

“Jamari Fox had his foot on that muthafuckas neck.”

s’all i ask.

article cc: ok magazine

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. I ain’t mad at him for securing the bag and making sure he’s taken care of and I’m pretty sure she will be left with that baby once it’s over. Free Britney is biggest hoax in Pop music but let the fags have it.

    He is fione tho! A beautiful hustla lmao

  2. Something just don’t sit right with me about this man!!! But if she likes it…I love it for her!! He’s making sure he has all his ducks in a row!!

  3. She is an fool girl get the d and keep it moving she is slowly going off the cliff they may hav been right I mean baby now this wtf she still taking care of Kevin white folks issues

  4. This does sound concerning, but this is no different from every other celebrity and non celebrity couplings. I hate how everything she is doing is framed as she is crazy.
    She wants to be a be mother and motherhood the first time was basically robbed from her.
    She doesn’t doesnt want the details because she is smitten and that’s why she has a team of lawyers.
    This guy may or may not be a hustler, but that doesn’t mean that Britney is acting any different than hundreds of other sprung people. Not everything is about her being “crazy”. Its so unfair that she has to meet a standard that we don’t expect from other people.

    1. ^so it’s okay for her to potentially be hustled,
      because this one seems to be playing the long game,
      as long as she gets to be a mother again?

      she has two other kids that she use to feature constantly.
      i have a feeling that if things hit the fan as they did with her other kids,
      the new baby won’t be featured again either.

      1. No, I am saying her being hustled doesn’t have to do with her mental health. Average people get hustled all the time.
        And she stopped “featuring” her kids because they were taken away. Kevin’s lawyers used her mental breakdown and get full custody which she didn’t want. And then her visitation rights were used as leverage by her father to keep her in line. Her motherhood was literally snatched from her.

  5. I’m never concerned about seeming “pessimistic” because of exact moments like this. Of course this man is using her, no offense to Britney but her looks have aged a bit and mentally she’s dippy asf, WHAT THE HELL else is this man with her for?! It’s sex and Hollywood access, He’s “rich” but he ain’t Hollywood Rich, he bout to come in here an snatch ole girl money with the quickness! SMH and her fans (who also live in a deluded “over the rainbow, need to grow up” bubble) wanted this poor woman to have full control over that money, sad

  6. It’s her money and it’s her right to do with it as she pleases, whether it be smart choices or not, just like everyone else.
    Who is anyone to say, she shouldnt control her own money that she worked hard for?
    When she wasn’t in charge of her money, the charge (largely her father) where syphoning money into their own pockets.

  7. Anyone who thought this man was in it for love needs to buy a jar of this organic, unused air I got for sale…

    Did they end the conservatorship, or just appoint a new conservator, cus a new guy has a lot to lose him/herself if they fuk around n let Sam leave (w custody) in a few years talkin about irreconcilable differences.

  8. A fool and her Prince will soon wake up and realize that all was naught and a fairytale. Start the clock in this one…. I’ll wait for the mash UP🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. He stayed while she was under lock and key with no financial access. Stop painting folks with broad brushes

    1. His ass stayed because he probably didn’t have anywhere else to go. Lol
      Prior to meeting him on the set of her video, who even heard of dude?! He knew what he was doing when she showed interest. Stick around, show I’m “in love”, get married and have a kid…I’m secured. He came into the marriage with nothing but his looks, and that’s what his ass should take with him if it falls apart…and it will. It’s sad to see a grown ass men relying on a woman to take care of them. Nicki gonna be in the same boat soon…paying alimony to her ex-con baby daddy. These chicks never learn. Lol

  10. The problem with being “Rich and Famous” is that you never really know the motive behind people who come into your life. It seems to go along with benefits ( it’s the dark side of fame) .

    He is good-looking, supportive and makes her happy and she wants to have his baby and marry him.

    She is a strong girl and will still be “Rich and Famous” if it does end on a sour note. ( I hope it doesn’t )

  11. People seem to think Britney is a fool for this. Britney ain’t no fool, why else is her lawyers getting involved and she is not. This is how you handle it. Her lawyers is not going to let him take her money or else she wont be able to retain them so in a sense, if you want to be retained and have Britney Spears as your client, you better make sure that contract is solid. If she gets involved, then she would be a fool but letting the lawyers do everything, that’s a boss move. She enjoying the dick, enjoying the fact she is ready to be part of her baby life, she got a fine man who is younger than her and giving it to her just the way she likes it, and she is still trending about all of this; this is exactly what she wants! Britney ain’t no fool and I am far from being a Britney fan. Britney wasn’t a fool when she was sucking Wade Robson dick while she was with Justin Timberlake. She wasn’t no fool when she fucked Kevin Federline. He may have gotten the kids but have you seen what Kevin looks like today, he bigger than Rob Kardashian. She got Sam! She good!

  12. Sam wants an substantial increase for every 5 years of their marriage if it goes bad. If she catches him cheating thats null and void. He voided that contract. He setting himself up because the paparazzi is going to tell all his business. She used to it, she been dealing with it all her life. Fans will dig from the day he was born until now about everything he says and does.

    1. Why should he get increases every five years?! What is he bringing to the marriage other than looks and probably some good sex? And I stress probably. He was a ‘model” that was chosen for her music video, outside of that what else did he do? How was he making his money. She has way more money than this dude, and even though California laws are weird as hell when it comes to stuff like that, she would have to pay him alimony. Her lawyers better come up with an iron-clad agreement because ol’ boy is looking for a payday. He’s not stupid, he is just biding his time.

      1. That part. Which is why she is letting her lawyers handle it. So maybe both of them are not crazy cause it can go either way, even tho she makes more and is worth more than him.

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