if you look at my most gay’s porn history,
some gays think rough sex means a solid sexual experience.
i feel like rough sex can look good on onlyfans.
i’m looking at you:

in the real forest,
sometimes you want to be fucked ROUGH.
you walk in the door and your manz randomly throws you on the table.
i love the “make up sex” version of rough sex tbh.
i want some daddy issues.

“Yes Daddy…
light hoke

I won’t have a smart ass mouth anymore…
smack across ass

that just raises my endorphins to helium levels in my soul.
i’ll cook a negro a 5-star breakfast after that kind of shit.
rough sex can cause a lot of wear and tear on your foxhole if done too much.
it should never look like this tho:

mlb baller wolf,
trevor bauer of the dodgers,
was asked to do some brutal rough sex with ^that she-jackal.
she decided to claim he did it purposely and tried to ruin his career.
a judge ruled this via “tmz“…

Trevor Bauer will NOT face any criminal charges for allegedly punching and choking a woman unconscious during sex, TMZ Sports has learned.
We’re also told the decision was made in part because of texts messages between the accuser and Bauer … where she indicated she was looking for rough sex.

Remember, 30-year-old Bauer was accused of getting physical with the woman during two sexual encounters in April and May 2021 … which the alleged victim claimed left her with bumps, bruises, scratches and other injuries.

As for Bauer, he’s long been adamant he did absolutely nothing wrong … saying the situation was nothing more than rough sex between two consenting adults.

people forget when you’re being investigated,
your texts and dms will be looked into.
all is usually revealed in those areas.
nothing that you delete is ever deleted.
from what i read,
she wanted to be brutally fucked and he gave it to her.

what is the turn-on with looking like you were in a bar fight and lost?
the only thing i want is the fight with a handprint on my butt cheeks.

they even agreed in text messages with a safe word.
in my head,
something went down and she decided to try and ruin him.


i can only imagine how sex with trevor will go in the future.

lowkey: i think it’s in males’ animalistic nature to fuck you rough into stupidity.
i feel like if a male is always fuckin you rough,
choking you,
and spitting on you then he doesn’t truly like you.

article cc: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. “Snow Bunnies” are notorious for having no bar too low when it comes to what they will do and allow during sex.

    Was anyone else repulsed when MONICA LEWINSKU SAVED THAT DRESS WITH BILL CLINTON’S CUM STAINS TO PROOVE A POINT. YUK (Shit like that would go to my grave)

    Not to mention all the Bunnies who went willingly with Bill Cosby KNOWING HE WAS MARRIED !!!!

    Black men get exactly what is coming to them when the chase these ladies and it becomes their downfall. It’s not just the girls . Wasn’t it a ” Non -Black” Gay who took down the former Florida Governor Candidate?? Not trying to play the “Race Card”. Just calling a “Spade a Spade”. hehehe

  2. Phat rabbit killer has probably 76 percent hot video rate

    When the bottom is thick or can take it and throw it back I like his work

    But he sometimes does the jackhammer thing where it doesn’t look pleasurable

    I think people are so warped like everyone saying Nelly dick is so small anyone could see he wasn’t rock hard in that video he was hyping the girl more than anything

    And his body and face is damn good especially for a 47 year old man.. porn has made men crazy and think weird shit is normal. 10-12 inch dicks are not the average. And only Freaks of nature find beatingpeople up choking them spitting on them public sex and cock rings normal. That’s why they’re called F E T I S H E S .

    I def think the normalization of bedroom shit posted public has made people desensitized

    1. ^ i always say if these folks don’t want these men,
      i’ll surely take em.
      fuck around and get a husband while their asses are still lonely,
      waiting for their big dick white knight.

  3. She thought she was about to get a check for being a female, and I’m sooo glad that she got her face cracked (no pun intended)

  4. Im still trippin off Rhyheim coming for Phatrabbitkiller. Rhyheim Is a old ass predator who preys on young boys at airports tryna get them to do videos. He got some nerve. Sounds like a hater

  5. I just watched a video of him explaining that it was all consensual, she probably didn’t think he would take it a further. Looks like he/ somebody beat her ass. I don’t know, what is considered rough? Choking, slappy, punching, scratching, anal? How far is too far?

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