let’s deep dive into the word “canceled”.
everyone loves to cancel someone these days.
right now,
people are trying to cancel india.arie over her recent backpedaling.
my thoughts…


for me,
she had a dumb-ass moment but i won’t be canceling her.
i still enjoy her music but i’ll refrain from listening to her speak.
her credibility was shot for me,
but that doesn’t mean she needs to be canceled.
my definition of canceled is different than others.

i’ve canceled two artists recently:

R. Kelly – do I need to explain?
Kanye West – his MAGA antics <

if YOU chose to listen to those two artists then do you boo.
we all have free will out here and thats another thing:

There are artists who drive me crazy but I still like their music/movies.

There are males who I think are complete idiots but I still like looking at them.

i would never tell/font the foxhole for anyone’s cancelation.
i feel that is on the same level of witch-hunting.
there are people in my real life who i’ve personally “i don’t know her”,
but i know plenty of people who still fuck with them.
what am i supposed to do?
try to sabotage their friendship because the person hurt me?
all i ask is the demon be kept out my face and we good.

we have to stop always automatically running to cancel people.
first of all,
no one is ever really canceled.
i still see sketchy-ass folks getting the bag that some of ya’ll “canceled”.
the moment they have a good song or poppin’ movie,
they suddenly become un-canceled.
the world doesn’t revolve around you or i.

i know.
a hard concept to understand,
just because we cancel someone doesn’t mean others will.
my way of life is this:

If you do something that I don’t fuck with,
or you show you aren’t a good person,
then I don’t fuck with you.
Others are free to do/like as they please cause I don’t give AF.
I honestly do not care with all my entire energy or being.

…and thats on period.

lowkey: a majority of the time,
muthfuckas be so gaddamn sensitive and rushing to bully.
it goes from canceling to bullying/harassment.

get your shit together.


  1. I don’t believe in cancel culture either BUT I do think it’s important for people to get called out. She used social media to get her “point across” or shame this fool and his antics. So if she decides to now backtrack it’s only fair that she gets what she put out there. If she genuinely felt this man was not a racist she would have just handled this differently. To me it just screams settlement. This man has a lot of influence and these white people are not trying to lose any money on the table. Trust me giving her a 10 million dollar paycheck to shut up, backtrack and make a statement supporting him, is better than losing 100 million. And it’s so obvious that she caved so hey people should call her out for selling out. Where is her damn integrity?

    1. ^i mean we can call folks out for their nonsense.
      i am totally on board with that.
      i feel like people coddle stupidity so much that when they are called out,
      you have these legions of “yes men” coming to attack you.

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