Timmy Gets A Mani and Pedi For His New Boss

Tim Tebow is having the best time ever, ain’t he?
First, he went to go see Wicked in the Concrete Forest.
Then I took him down to 39th street to see the male hookers in front of the sex shops at 2am.
Now, he was spotted getting a mani/pedi combo in L.A…

Tim Tebow clearly knows how to impress his new boss … cause the NY Jets QB went out and got himself a pedicure in L.A. this week.

TMZ obtained a pic of Tebow in the chair at MB Nails in West Hollywood on Tuesday … moments before technicians went to town on his fingers and toesies.

Sources at the salon tell us Tebow was “VERY friendly” during his $23 mani/pedi treatment … and dropped a HUGE tip at the end.

Manicured feet are important to pro athletes … especially when they’re playing for Rex Ryan.

Source: TMZ

Before you judge,
there is NOTHING wrong with a man getting his nails “did”.
Have you seen the dogs on some of these negros?
I cringe in the summer when I see a man wearing sandals and his feet look like this:

Take that allllllllllllll in.

I’ll book some of you an appointment for the weekend.
ESPECIALLY some of my Baller Wolves who happen to be lurking.

Author: jamari fox

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28 thoughts on “Timmy Gets A Mani and Pedi For His New Boss”

  1. I have a manicure every other month, and a pedicure twice a year. Good maintenance over the years yelds good results!

  2. Interesting observation: seems like nearly all of the brothers (gay and straight) I see during summer in sandals and in the locker room at the gym have much better maintained feet than the sisters I see with faces all done, hair together, fabulous clothes but ashy feet.

  3. My feet look pretty good naturally, but I need to start getting manicures – at least once a month.

      1. I know why you want to see his feet. You have a foot fetish don’t you BBB? Don’t feel bad, I do too. Maybe the three of us can get together for a wolf foot session. 🙂

  4. The Man :
    I know why you want to see his feet. You have a foot fetish don’t you BBB? Don’t feel bad, I do too. Maybe the three of us can get together for a wolf foot session.

    I don’t have a foot fetish. I just like well kept feet, if this makes any sense? But while you’re doing what you do with his feet, I’ll do what I do with the rest of him. Deal???

    1. Oh, see I was thinking he was riding me, not just sitting there…that leaves my feet free for you 🙂

  5. The Man :
    It’s a deal, but YBW doesn’t give up ass, so there is nothing else you can do with him.

    Man, that’s just talk. (Come closer. I’ll tell you the real deal). LOL

  6. BBB :
    I don’t have a problem riding your face .

    I don’t think you’re a full wolf BBB. It sounds like you have some hybrid tendicies to me.

  7. BBB :
    I don’t have a problem riding your face .

    See…when I eat, there’s an end goal in mind…preparing you for bigger things… 🙂

    1. Right Young Black Wolf, a nigga can’t can’t just ride another nigga’s face and expect him not to want to get up in the ass. It’s like buying a cake and looking at it, you’re gonna wanna eat it eventually.

  8. BBB :
    You guys are hilarious. And you can’t just suck a dick and not expect the receiver to want more.

    It’s a difference BBB. A dude is not going to want more if he knows he can’t get more. When a dude gets is ass ate his insides are already clean, so if a wolf likes to get his ass ate, getting him to take the dick would be a piece of cake. Your ass is already prepared to take dick even if that’s what you’re not intending to do. Like Vain would say, it’s a slippery slope. LOL. If I suck a dick, that’s all I’m planning to do with it, and plus I don’t like my ass touched, period. My motto is, ”If Charmin can’t reach it, you better believe it’s not clean.” In other words, my insides are not clean, so you try and stick it in if you want to. LMAO….

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