that’s my boy tim tebow clappin those cheeks in there

we have update about tim tebow

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2 Bust or not 2 Bust, That is the Question?

2bustswho would have thought in a million years,
baller wolves tim tebow and vince young,
would be struggling to find a team?
as you know tim has been cut three times since being drafted.
vince was just banished and left for dead.
is there a #comeback in the cards for these two?
or are they just busts?
well who knows really.
tim has charisma,
his virginity,
the bible,
and most of all – white.
vince went and got his degree in applied learning and development.
good for him for getting that plan b.
whatever the outcome is,
the foxhole wishes them the bust… er, the best!

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x read about vince’s bust

Tim Tebow Needs A New Home

tumblr_mm0pxos0oV1qcwqvno1_500well i didn’t see this one coming.
timmy t what had happened baby?
i’m shocked…

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Cam Newton Has A Bad Attitude?

i was hoping to hear better things about his attitude.
but, you can kinda tell just by his post game interviews.
you know it’s bad when your father has to call you the fuck out…

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Justin Tryon Drops His Card Into Being The “It-Baller Wolf” This Season

justin tryon is try-ing to be the new “it” baller wolf on the scene.
i don’t mind entering him into the running.
not like there isn’t heavy competition.
his teammate victor cruz and virginal tim tebow are already taking new york by storm.
but justin is determined to make it happen.
he has launched his own website,
plus threw up a few pictures with all his baller wolf sexiness

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All the Ballers Need To Get Into Tim Tebow…

(he always resembled a bird of some kind to me)

…as stated by osi umenyiora.
check his tweet:

check what osi said to the ny times

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