All the Ballers Need To Get Into Tim Tebow…

(he always resembled a bird of some kind to me)

…as stated by osi umenyiora.
check his tweet:

check what osi said to the ny times

With a never ending stream of players lining up for fingerprints and mugshots, Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora has suggested a solution.

Be like Tebow.

“I know that everybody likes to make fun of Tim Tebow and talk about him, but he sets an outstanding example for people, I think if more people would focus and try to be like him and carry themselves the way he does, I think things would be better.”Umenyiora said,to Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News.

Osi said it’s “ridiculous” that 31 players have been arrested since Super Bowl XLVI, a rap sheet that includes Giants offensive lineman David Diehl, who was arrested for DUI after smashing his vehicle into a pair of parked cars.

“For the life of me, I can’t understand it,” Umenyiora said. “People need to be more focused and more grateful for what it is that they have. Coming from where I came from [on a trip to Nigeria] and seeing what I saw, all that poverty and people who have nothing, they would literally cut off both legs to have the opportunity these people have. And to be messing around like that, man, it’s really unfortunate.”

ya know what?
i don’t disagree.
tim seems like a naturally good boy.
i’m sure with a ton of pent up sperm.
tebow is one chunk of sexy god virgin meat.
i’m sure all the dl and discreet ballers want to be the first to turn him out.

wouldn’t you, wolves?

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9 thoughts on “All the Ballers Need To Get Into Tim Tebow…”

  1. You really think TBone, I mean Tebow, has never been inside of another person? No finger? No toe? No tongue? No d!ck? Or that another has never been in him? Oh, and about pent up sperm…PLEASE!!!

    I can envision others aspiring for such a clean-cut image; but his might be a little too clean-cut (for an NFL player). Especially when they are known for engaging in uninhibited (ok, no proof, but it sounds good) sessions with the upper echelon of groupies.

    1. I didn’t even know he was a virgin. Damn, I guess everybody knew that but me.LOL. Come here Tebow, let me talk to you for a sec. *makes my Stevie J rat face and rubs hands together*

  2. If he says he’s a virgin still, I believe him. Cuz he could be getting azz (or dack) easily. Or maybe he’s a virgin to women…lol

    I know that he’s starting to look better & better to me – vanilla sexy. But I get what Osi is saying – it shouldn’t be that hard to keep your nose clean & out of trouble…smh

  3. I personally think that you can do whatever you want but these dudes have been too sloppy with it. They just need to know their limits and know that everyone and I do mean everyone is watching.

  4. The last thing the NFL needs is another closeted cocksucker. Get another role model.

    Fuck Tebow and all the dumb fuckers who got arrested during the off season.

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