Frank Got Me Wet Last Night: The Write Up

last night, i got caught in 2 storms.
the lightning storm from hell in which I forgot my umbrella at home…
…and a tsunami that is frank ocean at terminal 5 in ny.
with the amount of talking I have done about frankie,
a fox was in there like swim wear…
no pun intended

arriving at the venue pretty late, half of the line was already flooded around the corner.
as soon as i got out my cab, they were starting to let people inside.
so many wet and anxious people ready to see him.
they gave no fucks about the weather.
we swam good to see him.

one thing i noticed about the people who like frank are definitely diverse new age hipsters.
the soho/bro-ho/t shirt and skinny jeans/fitted hats/all around fashionable crowd.
stylish people who look rebellious and follow their own rules.
i definitely felt in a place too familiar with people i would hang with in my down time.

with the likes of prince and rihanna playing overhead.
the crowd chanted and anticipated screams.
the lights finally dim and frank comes out confidently.
wearing a headband and a simple red and black outfit with blue and black nike dunks,
he takes a seat and opens the show with sade’s “by your side”, which he sung beautifully.
frank is definitely very handsome with a very understated confidence in person.
his stage consisted of a band and 4 televisions stacked on each other.
as he sung, they played where images of a road trip and traveling.
i found that very deep.

after he shouts out his odd future family in the vip section,
an alien spaceship rotating with various televisions start to spin on a backdrop.
from there, he really gets into it.
with flawless performances of “thinkin’ about you“, mixtape hit “novocaine“, and “sweet life“,
you can see that Frank is really comfortable on the stage.
he interacts with the audience and even does a two-step during the break of sweet life.

frank does his most controversial song, “forrest gump”,
in which the crowd went crazy.
everyone was singing along, including the wolves in attendance.
i felt it.
i felt that acceptance for him and his revelation.
i felt no one gave a fuck and accept him.
it made me tear up a little at the energy in the room.

he gets into the crowd favorite “super rich kids“,
the mood enhancing “strawberry swing“,
his hook from jay/ye “made in america”,
and the thought-provoking “american wedding“.

he took a brief interlude as the band plays “white“,
the john mayer feature on channelORANGE.
the lights start flashing again,
the hovering spaceship leaves,
and Frank returns.
Jeopardy squares now appear on the backdrop and he sings “crack rock”.
during the performance, he does a lot more interacting with the audience.
out of all the girls trying to pull off their arms off for his touch,
he shakes the hand of a white guy dead in front.
it felt good to see all the white people in the audience singing his songs.

he gets into “swim good”,
where the dried off audience turn blue again,
and then my personal favorite, “bad religion”.
before he starts singing bad religion,
he talks about how his come out letter inspired by that track.
crowd goes crazy and sings along to his pain.
he stops the music and tells us he is about to get into the longest track on his album.
the song made you feel like you were in a real life strip club.
girls were dancing seductively as he set a certain mood during that cut.

he ends it with “BIG FUCKING THANKS NEW YORK CITY” and walks off stage.
the lights dim and you can tell the crowd wanted more.
this could not be it.
it was almost like getting the best sex of your life from someone you fantasized about.
imagine it being prematurely cut off as you really start to get into it.
we didn’t get to cum.
we didn’t get our orgasm.
this cannot be it.
we all start screaming, “FRANKIE! FRANKIE! FRANKIE!
we want more frank.
but, in typical frank nature, he was not done.
he had a round 2 for us.
they set his keyboard up and he appears back on stage to sing, i miss you by beyonce.
he tells everyone have a safe night getting home and it ends.
he got us wet, he came, he conquered, and we got our satisfied cigarette in the end.

frank ocean is a force.
i’m glad to say i saw that force last night.
he continues to inspire us.

thank you frank.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Frank Got Me Wet Last Night: The Write Up”

  1. From the videos I have seen from him; he does have a stage presence to him that could draw in the audience and keep them interested.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself.

    1. Breezy is trash and he belongs in a landfield. His album is doing so well, and If he keeps up these antics his career will fall more than what it already has. Who listens to Chris Brown’s music anymore? I haven’t liked any of his songs since “Wet the Bed” on his Fame album.

      1. I haven’t fucked with him since “Yo, Excuse Me Miss” and that was back when he was going through puberty lol

    2. Chris(tina) is famous for shooting off at the mouth with thinking – either in public or on Twitter. Then he calms down/his handlers get to him & he deletes ish. Nothing new here…smh

  2. I personally think Frank is the Prince of our generation. Our version of “cool”. He’s that creative with his music and that rebellious with his style.

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