Tonight, I Have A Date With Frank Ocean

i’m actually pretty excited about this date.
i have waited a long time to for this.
maybe we can actually talk about how he has inspired me.
how much i, we, love his album.
how i, we, think he is absolutely amazing.
how he has many fans he has in the foxhole.

i’ll tell you guys allllllll about it tomorrow.

but, check out <eta: 7/27/12: 1:34> what a fake frank <eta> had to say to his haters on twitter…

<eta: 7/27/12: 1:34> that is NOT frank’s tweet.
designer imposter.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Tonight, I Have A Date With Frank Ocean”

  1. Interesting tweet. At a minimum, we’ll need Trickey Stewart to confirm this. If Frankie likes to pleasure men, I have a new prop for him, and it can use a shine.

  2. Smh @ the insecurity of that tweet tho, and this is why i can’t and won’t jump on the “Frank Ocean is our gay black baby Jesus” bandwagon. I’m glad he was able to express himself in the way he did, but it is obvious that the boy himself isn’t really all that comfort in his sexuality and stills seeks validation in hetero-sexist ideology. Like really, you have to brag about your conquest with women (exploiting there bodies in the process) too prove yourself to a bunch of ignorant ass holes who probably wouldn’t have bought your shit in the first place? Oh okay…

    p.s. Good luck with your date Jamari, if anyone can turn ole Franky boi out im sure its you. 😉

  3. I wish Frank nothing but best whatever he is. If that blind item is true, I hope he stop fucking with attached men. Women do this shit all the time so I won’t say it’s a bisexual/gay thing. I can’t stand people who do that kind of thing. That is what get you seriously hurt.

    In the midst of all the ‘hallelujah he is gay’ craze, we forget that he is associated with a group who bash gay people openly in their lyrics.

    Regardless I wish him the best.

    1. Yea I agree with you Luckey. I’m going to temporary hop of the Frank Ocean bandwagon for right now because too much is going on and I didn’t like that tweet. He just came out of the closet. Women are on his side sexually right now, and I can guarantee a vast majority will not sleep with him knowing he’s bi, like WTF? tho. I still will support him and his music, but I can’t continue to praise him like this because things aren’t looking too good. If what’s on the blogs is true, my resepect for him is gone, period. I said before that I didn’t like men who sleep with married men, disloyal to their female friends(sleeping with their men), and men who seek out straight guys.

      Jamari, good luck with the date with him tho.

    1. That’s not his account. Frank’s twitter is @frank_ocean. This is one of the (many) fake accounts that popped up once he blew up. This is one of the more popular ones apparently.

      Edit: That account has been suspended. Frank’s account is also verified.

      1. Wolfie said everything I was going to say.

        This is what I mean by misinformation re: the person above who swore this was his Twitter handle and that he had changed it purposely. Yet another reason why I never believe gossip without evidence.

  4. Frank did not tweet that. If you look in his timeline (on the verified account) the tweet is not even there.

    I also doubt he would say something like this in the near future. He recently told The Guardian that he appreciates how his revelation has inspired so many people.

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