Justin Tryon Drops His Card Into Being The “It-Baller Wolf” This Season

justin tryon is try-ing to be the new “it” baller wolf on the scene.
i don’t mind entering him into the running.
not like there isn’t heavy competition.
his teammate victor cruz and virginal tim tebow are already taking new york by storm.
but justin is determined to make it happen.
he has launched his own website,
plus threw up a few pictures with all his baller wolf sexiness


nice eyes.
plump lips.
strong features.

nice body.
great style.

i’d say he deserves to feel the warmth of the spotlights….
…amongst other things.
yeah, i’d let him date me… HARD.
let me ask YOU

Does Justin Tryon have what it takes to be “It”-Baller Wolf?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Justin Tryon Drops His Card Into Being The “It-Baller Wolf” This Season”

  1. Nice looking sexy dude, but I think I like him better when he seemed like a regular dude, some dudes can transition to be a high fashion wolf, but something about him in this designer gear seems off, and not real. Its almost like he is trying too hard, but I aint mad at him either because I know that you got to get your name out there, and make some money for life after football. I think that he should use his “biggest asset” to his advantage and be a underwear model. He is already a it boy among gay men, so he needs to make it work for him, all money is good money in this tough economy.

    1. ^that pipe in that jockstrap already puts him in the running.

      agreed that he needs a contract.
      no baller wolf can’t be “it” without a co-sign from something.
      my site has already put a shine on him,
      which brought him over to tumblr,
      and has him some good reblogs.

  2. It’s official NY has the sexiest football players in the league. I really need to get tickets to see both the Giants and Jets. Plus I can’t believe you left out Mark Sanchez that man is everything.

  3. Justin is a sexy man! Been in lust with him for awhile since his days at Arizona St. wearing that track suit showing that huge bulge to the Indy Colts bulging and about to bust out of his football pants.

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