It Is Easier To Stroke The Fur Of A Sleeping Beast

…. laron landry is cute when he sleeps.
let’s wake him up.
we have somewhere to go…

get him in the shower

(imagine him laying on-top with this look…)

now he is dressed and ready to go….

lowkey: look at those fuckin’ arms….
he looks like he would give you a serious pound session.

11 thoughts on “It Is Easier To Stroke The Fur Of A Sleeping Beast

  1. Does he mess with his ear to get himself to go to sleep? And I agree with kinky in that I couldn’t have mother and father looking at me while I am taking the D. And we are doing it with the lights on ONLY!!

  2. I hate to be Debbie Downer, but are those arms natural? Maybe that’s the source of his crazy…

  3. L.L. is all man ! Body and face on point! I’d love to be wrapped up in his body all night long. His brother Dawan Landry is a cutie too! Google him!

  4. Our marriage is actually going pretty well!! He’s recently started this new thing where he picks up after himself. Its actually kind of cute. He doesn’t really like making his way upstairs to go to sleep after him and his friends play madden so he falls asleep on the couch with the throw pillows he hated that i picked out sometimes. I just bring him a blanket.

      1. Good luck! I sprinkle a little ecstasy in my mouth before we make love so while he’s kissing me and we’re making passionate love, he goes to another planet. My love is LITERALLY intoxicating. He’s hooked. He’s not going anywhere.

        I don’t know if you can tell yet but I’ve thought this all the way through..

  5. Laron is so cute, especially in the last pic. That bicep shows he working out good lol. I can’t not lie, if a fox were this size he would be too big for me. I couldn’t handle it.

  6. he got my cheeks moist wooo those arms……… MERCY but that mom and dad tat would kill it for me ma pa look at me on ya son dick stick wooooo……creepy lol

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