Justin Tryon Looks Good With His Print

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 8.10.30 PMits safe to say ny giants baller wolf,
justin tryon,
is a foxhole legend.
i think he’s sexy as hell,
but his print
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LDSR: The Foxhole Allstars Part 2 (56)

ready for part 2?

well after last session’s epic battle,
i wanted to give the other baller wolves some shine.
they also contributed into this 2 million run that has made IJF where it is.
thanks for being sexy for many entries boys.
bring the candidates to the pleasure hole stage…

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Justin Tryon Drops His Card Into Being The “It-Baller Wolf” This Season

justin tryon is try-ing to be the new “it” baller wolf on the scene.
i don’t mind entering him into the running.
not like there isn’t heavy competition.
his teammate victor cruz and virginal tim tebow are already taking new york by storm.
but justin is determined to make it happen.
he has launched his own website,
plus threw up a few pictures with all his baller wolf sexiness

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I Wouldn’t Mind Justin Tryon Doing Push Ups On My Back

justin tryon likes to hold his platinum steel in his hands.
if i was him, i’d show it off all the time actually:

i kid.

justin is the type of cute that i like.
low key cute.
he keeps to himself and stays in the shadows.
love it.

justin also has a great body from constant working out.
did you know he can do push ups with weight on his back?

check below…

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… and yet AGAIN, my G-Wolves


Can you just smell the V I C T O R Y ?

My Wolves of the Giants did it yet again for NY.
And because of that,
they all can get a free ride on the Jamari Fox Express.
I am proud of you boys.
You played well.

But Foxes and Wolves…

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The Bulges Seen Around The World

Well this is going to be exciting match up.

I can feel it!!
I  feel it real deep inside…!!

This is what I’m sure you would be saying if you had the following gentleman in you.

Here are the two contestants:

Orlando Scandrick

Justin Tryon

Below is the battle of the BULGE.
Who looks like they have the prettier package?

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