The Bulges Seen Around The World

Well this is going to be exciting match up.

I can feel it!!
I  feel it real deep inside…!!

This is what I’m sure you would be saying if you had the following gentleman in you.

Here are the two contestants:

Orlando Scandrick

Justin Tryon

Below is the battle of the BULGE.
Who looks like they have the prettier package?





two fine Wolves.
two big pieces of meat.
who gets the gold star in this challenge?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “The Bulges Seen Around The World”

  1. Orlando is a little more my speed. Justin looks a lil too “pretty” by the face. But back to the topic at hand, Justin is the clear winner. I’ll take them both… or one at a time. Either way you’d never see or hear from me again lol.

  2. Excuse me for being loud, but hell one can go in the mouth and and the other in my hole. Just as long as we ALL bust.

  3. Damn I didnt know Orlando had it going on like that. I been following Justin since he was in College in Arizona, so I knew he aint no joke, I think Justin purposely wears all his pants like this, but who aint mad is me.

  4. Orlando…Justin is wayyy prettier and reminds me of a guy I know (minus the eyes) but his bulge looks more like a double serving of balls over dick…besides I’m sure we’d be fighting for the mirror everyday

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