Romeo, Romeo, Where Art Thou Romeo. Is It In Your Underwear?

tumblr_mqq1sdtxZl1r8h6rlo3_r1_500is that right romeo?
well is it in the front?
or is it…

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Chad Ocho Cleans His Windows In His Drawz

well damn chad.
evelyn is all over tv telling her story with the running eyes.
he is fuckin hoes and taking underwear shots.
he obviously gives no fucks this year.

The Bulges Seen Around The World

Well this is going to be exciting match up.

I can feel it!!
I  feel it real deep inside…!!

This is what I’m sure you would be saying if you had the following gentleman in you.

Here are the two contestants:

Orlando Scandrick

Justin Tryon

Below is the battle of the BULGE.
Who looks like they have the prettier package?

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