Tyrese Needs To Be Eating Some Humble Fox Pie

Enough is enough with this dude.

Is Tyrese really serious the way he treated an interviewer to promote HIS album?
Eating chicken and burping?
Does this muthafucka have no home training?

Here is the low down…

Being in the Radio business for just over 10 years, I have met & interviewed A-list artists/actors, and I have had my share of D-list. Whomever it was, I always made sure I was prepared, treated them with respect, and gave a great interview (asking the questions that listeners and now viewers, wanted to know). Earlier this year, I was blessed to be able to launch Urban Informer TV which airs on Comcast Channel 25 in Baltimore City. When the artist are in town, 80% of the time, I have a chance to sit down with them.

This week, Tyrese was in town to promote his upcoming album, Open Invitation, which is in stores on November 1st. Me being a real fan of Tyrese, I went the extra step to research information to ask him questions about his music, films, books, and anything someone would want to know about him. Dealing with people you never know what you are going to get. When Tyrese first walked into the radio station (where I was going to tape today), he seemed to be in good spirits…or maybe I was wrong.

After waiting for him to finish his radio interview, we were ready to roll. Now, after reminding Tyrese that we were taping this for TELEVISION, he insited that he wanted to keep eating the chicken and have the box in front of him. From his random chicken conversations, sidebar convos during the interviews with his entourage, burping, to disresecting me by asking “so how many more questions you have”. Mind you, I wasn’t doing too much talking. We all know that Mr. Gibson can be long-winded. Being the professional that I am, I laughed (because I was in disbelief) and kept on going. In the snippet of the interview below, you can see Tyrese being very arrogant, and disrespectful. I feel as though if Tyrese was on a non-urban television show (ie The View, Good Morning America,), these actions would not have happened. So why be disrespectful on a urban television show that is trying to help you promote an album (that not too many folks know you have coming out).


After I cut the interview short, my production team had to get my downtown to tape an interview with J. Cole (whom had did 2 radio interviews, an in-store, a sold out performance all while being sick, and did an interview for UI TV). I didn’t have a chance to talk to Tyrese about the disrespect but I did have a chance to air him out on the radio and Twitter. He sent the following messages to 92Q’s Online Editor @robinrazzi (she tweeted about the whole experience as I talked about it on the radio with Kiki), after his label had been notified about the incident, which it was reported that he didn’t know he did anything wrong.

Source: The Urban Informer

Here is Tyrese Twitter reply:

No Tyrese, he didn’t have the decency to call you.
You already showed him who you were so he chose to believe it.

I’ll be honest,
The only time I like Tyrese is when he is in character.
Over the years, I really started being over him as a person.
Sure, he has a nice body and I am sure he is a stallion in bed.
But to wake up next to that ego every day????????
I feel sorry for whoever he is fucking.
He and that arrogant attitude of his has become a complete turn off to his brand.
I have heard stories and know people who have been around him and it is the same story.


You need to get with the program.
You are pretty unlikeable.
Your music career is null and void and your only saving grace is the fact you are an a AMAZING actor and a book.
Speaking of him and that damn book…
What confuses me is he will sit his ass on Twitter preaching those long winded tweets…
… but then have this nasty attitude.
Whatever Tyrese.
I can see right through you and I’m everyone else is starting too.

I applaud the interviewer for Urban Informer being professional.
It would have taken all my power to keep my career and Jesus First.

As much as I believe in treating people with respect, I would have had to POLITELY curse his ass out.


Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “Tyrese Needs To Be Eating Some Humble Fox Pie”

  1. Man Tyreese is gayer than 8 bag of skittles, and 4 Ru Paul’s lol. That’s why he is acting a bitch lol. It is funny to see him over the years go from a soft wannabe model/ singer who couldn’t cut hanging out with snoop dog and his crew to this hard ghetto thug lol. This is why I fell out rolling on the floor when he announced that women only tour that he did with tank and ginuwine a few years back lol when some gay dude caught his shirt during a concert. Everyone who is down in the industry knows that Tyreese trolls the gay hook up sites his fave being A4A looking for fresh tops to blow his back out lol. He has a long term hook up who lives in NYC the funny thing is that his NYC hook up is also a bttm lol so they spend most of their time fighting for who’s going to get their back blown out lol. Oh yeah in case you are wonder Tyreese his average size in the dick department. But you didn’t hear all of this from me.

  2. lol his azz is average as is his body in person, but I bet your azz is probably phatter in person lol

  3. He’s always had an attitude problem. I remember there was an episode of College Hill when they met him back stage and he was being real nasty. He’s not even that fine =/

  4. I feel ya man he is a corn ball in person always pulling out his Black AMEX card, he can box a little so I give him that but he is a bitch pure and simple. Only times he warms up to a brother when he is craving his dick. That brother’s azz has been driven through mo times than the Lincoln Tunnel lol I guess he can be a little cocky since he is getting paid 5 mil per film I ain’t mad at him for that.

  5. LOL @ Tyrese being an AMAZING ACOTR O_O I think he has a great singing voice though. I can’t watch the vid on the phone, but having met the guy on more than one occasion I can say he doesn’t act any different than any other young man in Hollywood. His head is pumped up, has endless amounts of cash, and women throw themselves at him…Must be nice. Truth be told, if I had his money, I’d probably be cocky too…Its easy to say how humble I’d remain when I struggle to pay bills from month to month. Gimme a mili, pay off my student loans…Shid I’d walk around like I was the shit, cuzz truth be told that’s the only thing that prevents me from doing so…The fact that I’m broke.

  6. LOL Tyrese is a bitch ass brother no joke, I been in his circles and he is a bitch ass brother and he can’t act he has only two expressions when he acts mad and more mad lol. He would let me hit it though cause I am def his type but I don’t mess with bitch ass Hollywood wood brothers. He was a bitch broke and he is a bitch with some money both him and his cruising boy Ginuwine. Did you guys see him on Life After he made more fem jesters than Tyler Perry at a bath house

    1. I saw that “Life After” and I came away with the same impression: that he is swishy. But he has that hetero act downpat. And he is STILL fine!!

  7. LOL home boy is hung like a mule but he would probably stab you if you ask him for sum dick yo lol. To answer your question no lol. He and Ty hang out together scoping new dicks to ride. He is handsome as hell in person I remember the first time I saw him in person I was like a dear stuck in a headlights lol. He gave me that look like yeah I get it all of the time lol

      1. Honestly:

        I think he is full out gayer than 10 Little Richards lol, so I think he may be a functional bisexual meaning his dick can get hard to maintain his “I’m hetero”-illusion

  8. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^So no hope of Ginuwine at least working the pipe in a Fox direction?
    But I think it would be obvious he isn’t Wolf like…

    LOL ya abandon all hope bruh lol

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