… and yet AGAIN, my G-Wolves


Can you just smell the V I C T O R Y ?

My Wolves of the Giants did it yet again for NY.
And because of that,
they all can get a free ride on the Jamari Fox Express.
I am proud of you boys.
You played well.

But Foxes and Wolves…

Victor Cruz

Osi Umenyiora

Ramses Barden

Antrel Rolle

Hakeem Nicks

Ahmad Bradshaw

Justin Tryon

Jacquian Williams

Corey Webster

and of course…

Devin Thomas

I mean what team has the FINEST roster?????????????????



I know the pussy (and Foxtail) is now in droves.
Aint nothing better than fuckin…


C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!




Sidebar: didn’t Madonna use that Geriatric pussy to rock that crowd?

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37 thoughts on “… and yet AGAIN, my G-Wolves”

  1. Damn the head of Human Resources for the Giants has to be Gay, it aint no way that this one team has this many good looking men on the roster. I just have never seen so many good looking men on one team. Im on cloud 9 for the Giants. You all need to go to their interactive page to check out all the interviews throughout the season. You can even do a search on your favorite player. Hope I aint giving myself away to be the Giant stalker that I am. At a superbowl party yesterday trying to be the last man and smiled so hard when Victor made that touchdown, I gave myself away(LOL) Pretty young lady said to me you really like Victor huh. I couldnt even front. I just wish I could have been in the lockeroom for the post game celebration. GO GIANTS!!!!!!

  2. They can have Devin though. He’s probably the 4th or 5th best looking quiet as its kept.

    Victor, Osi, Hakeem, and Justin are doing something to me right now.

  3. YngBlkWolf :
    I tried saying that, but you know Jamari doesn’t like us ruining his fantasies about all those ‘wolves’ lolol

    His ruined fantasy=My wet dream

    *shrugs* LOL

  4. YngBlkWolf :
    I tried saying that, but you know Jamari doesn’t like us ruining his fantasies about all those ‘wolves’ lolol

    LOL could you imagine if someone told him that they thought Devin was a fox.

    1. I have no proof, it’s just my feel of it – in any locker room or pro sports. The foxes/hybrids just gotta look like wolves to blend in w/everyone else on the team – so they’re harder to spot…but when you get them away from their boys – then it’s more apparent. lol

  5. There ain’t no way they’re all wolves…not happening. Imma go-head and take Antrel & Justin off w/me…then Imma do the lambada w/Victor. Don’t wait up 🙂

      1. I tried saying that, but you know Jamari doesn’t like us ruining his fantasies about all those ‘wolves’ lolol

    1. I been knew he was fine. Jamari he’s looks like he’s rough, he’ll wear you’ll foxhole out.

  6. I actually watched the final two quarters of the game. Really intense but i was rooting for my husband Devin Thomas the whole time. They do have a fine roster and i hope next season they pick up some more cuties lol.

    I do wonder what tattoo Devin is going to get?

      1. Please do! Our love goes beyond convenient forms of transportation. My man will carry me on his (running) back to take me to where i need to go lol.

  7. I’m glad for the Giants and their supporters, but to be honest, American football is a pussys game, compaired to Rugby!!!!!!

  8. I’m proud of the Giants, they had a long season and it payed off.

    S/N: That’s crazy, I just commented about Ramses Barden on the other post and he appears on the next one. I should comment about him more often, that man is too fine for his own good.

  9. That Hakeem and Ahmad just do sumn to me that i can’t explain… Even though I’m a Redskins fan, congratulations to the Giants and all of New York… Guess the world has to hear about this for the next few days!;)

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