Devin Will Get A Super Bowl Tattoo… And A Fox On The Side

So I was browsing through my regular blog sites Friday and I came across this.




You know I was stuck.
Since today is Superbowl Sunday,
I happily had to share this interview…

New York Giants wide receiver Devin Thomas recently showed off all his well-sculpted and inked up body parts for the Wall Street Journal while revealing the meaning behind his body art.  He’s all ready to go hard at Super Bowl XLVI this weekend against the New England Patriots but aside from football, getting tattoos has been a good and alternative way for him to “vent”.

It’s been nine years since his first tat and he has created a work of art. The tats include a spartan, a Wolverine (name of the college team in his hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan) , a prayer that use to be located on his mom’s wall (he had it inked after she passed away) and a scene from ancient Egypt. He also had a Broken Heart and HK (Heartbreak kid) inked behind his ear after his heart was broken by a girl during his second year in the NFL, a cartoon warrior name Goku on his back (to protect him) as well as the words ‘Love, Live Life’ (to represent his key to happiness: “Love and then you’ll be able to live life”).

“Obviously, being in D.C., it was very stressful. After the season, I was ready to get to a needle.” He’s now, with the Giants team, happier than he’s ever been, he said, and so “I don’t have to express my anger so much.” The tattooing has slowed and is more subtle, but that’s not a precursor to the complete end of his inking.

On Getting a Tattoo If the Giants Win the Super Bowl“I can’t tell you what I’m going to do, but I have to do something. This is a lifetime dream and I want to mark it.”

His mother had two sons and had decided her third pregnancy would be her final one. But then that third baby, a girl already named Starlight, died in the womb. Because of that, Thomas’s mother had one more child: Devin. “My sister was sacrificed so I could be here. So to me, I always felt my life had to have a purpose,” he said.
Made me want to lick his nipple.
Speaking of nipples…
My throat went dry.
Look if he cums home with a Super Bowl ring…

I will do a somersault on that penis.

We in the Foxhole are rooting for you G Men!
Make NY proud!

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      1. While y’all kats fighting over Victor, I’ll be gettin it in with Ramses Barden. I know he doesn’t get a lot of playing time, but he’s fine as hell.

  1. I’m glad he has the ability to have some conversational skills off the field but Jamari but I was and have been looking at Osi Umenyiora, Victor Cruz, Justin Tryon, and Antrel Rolle the entire time.. My my my my!!!

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