I Wouldn’t Mind Justin Tryon Doing Push Ups On My Back

justin tryon likes to hold his platinum steel in his hands.
if i was him, i’d show it off all the time actually:

i kid.

justin is the type of cute that i like.
low key cute.
he keeps to himself and stays in the shadows.
love it.

justin also has a great body from constant working out.
did you know he can do push ups with weight on his back?

check below…

i want to be next.
only catch is…
he is on TOP of me.

lowkey: his lips and face do things to me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “I Wouldn’t Mind Justin Tryon Doing Push Ups On My Back”

  1. Oh yea I like this guy. He has a pretty set of eyes, and that body is mad hot. I would tackle him down from the back.

  2. I’ve had my eye on him since he ran track at ASU. Those eyes, lips, and that damn body!!! Tell that trick (lol) to get off of my spot.

    1. I like these two better tho. It’s good to see he’s in a pic with a black woman and not some Becky.

  3. Yeah, I’d do him, he’s a fine looking, built brother. But the photo of him and his mate – who dresses these guys????? Oh, I get it now, after collecting the trophy they were off to a ‘bad taste’ party!!!

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