2 Bust or not 2 Bust, That is the Question?

2bustswho would have thought in a million years,
baller wolves tim tebow and vince young,
would be struggling to find a team?
as you know tim has been cut three times since being drafted.
vince was just banished and left for dead.
is there a #comeback in the cards for these two?
or are they just busts?
well who knows really.
tim has charisma,
his virginity,
the bible,
and most of all – white.
vince went and got his degree in applied learning and development.
good for him for getting that plan b.
whatever the outcome is,
the foxhole wishes them the bust… er, the best!

x read about tim’s bust
x read about vince’s bust

5 thoughts on “2 Bust or not 2 Bust, That is the Question?

  1. Did you guys know that 78% of NFL players and 60% of NBA players are bankrupt within a few years of retirement according to SI article.The average NFL career last a little over three years.Since most careers are over by 30 they all need Plan B and Plan C

  2. Tebow has an arm, a good one. He can flick his wrist and the ball is 30-40 yards down the field. His problem is he is woefully inaccurate and at this point in his career that is not going to change. Plus, why does he get to mandate that he is a quarterback and a quarterback only while Ted Ginn Jr., Pat White, Michael Robinson, and Denard Robinson are denied the opportunity to be quarterbacks? Everyone of them in my opinion had better college quarterback careers than he did.

  3. Just because he is white doesn’t mean he is good. Plus I don’t know what him being white have to do with playing football, I seen more black players than whites. No offense to the whites but even God know they are not the best players out there.

  4. My bro keeps telling me that Tim Tebow is lucky he is white because if he was black playing the way he does, he never would’ve gotten as much chances as he did.I’m glad Vince got his education too.It’s sad that many can’t rely on Sports anymore to make it because of the jealousy from a certain group over their athletic talents that they keep trying to hold them back.Had they not done what they did, all the white QB’s would be back-ups right now.

    The only ones that don’t have a problem with it are the white coaches, because they know all the black QB’s do is win.

    I think that’s what they call institutionalized racism.People in high places using their power to keep certain groups low on the totem pole.They hate when that talent is undeniable/can’t be stopped.That’s why Michael Vick is still going.They keep trying to push that he is old but he beat 2 other younger QB’s to be the starter.No one called Brett Favre old and that nigga looked like someone’s Grandpa playing out on the field.Gray hairs and all.

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