2 Bust or not 2 Bust, That is the Question?

2bustswho would have thought in a million years,
baller wolves tim tebow and vince young,
would be struggling to find a team?
as you know tim has been cut three times since being drafted.
vince was just banished and left for dead.
is there a #comeback in the cards for these two?
or are they just busts?
well who knows really.
tim has charisma,
his virginity,
the bible,
and most of all – white.
vince went and got his degree in applied learning and development.
good for him for getting that plan b.
whatever the outcome is,
the foxhole wishes them the bust… er, the best!

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Who Wants A Naked Soccer Player In Their Bedroom Every Night?

it may not be one of the baller wolves from the ny giants,
but it’s close enough.
the dieux du stade shot by françois rousseau released their 2013 calendar.
it features many rugby players.
it’s like meat goes wild

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