Cam Newton Has A Bad Attitude?

i was hoping to hear better things about his attitude.
but, you can kinda tell just by his post game interviews.
you know it’s bad when your father has to call you the fuck out…

According to The Grio:Newton has come under criticism for a variety of things, including his demeanor at post-game press conferences following a loss. Even his father, Cecil, agrees that Cam needs to be a bit less deflated and downtrodden.

“Is it something he needs to change?” Cecil Newton told WFNZ’s The Drive with Taylor and Marc. “Well yes I guess so.”

“I know he hasn’t been responsive in some of his interviews [after losses] but he has been like that since he was seven years old,” said Cecil Newton, who explained that he did the spot in order to “take some of the heat off” Cam. “It’s difficult, there are some things that I don’t touch and don’t tell him what he should and shouldn’t do.”

As to the things that are causing the Panthers to lose so many games, Cecil Newton agrees with coach Ron Rivera’s assessment of Cam.

“I think he’s just pressing,” Cecil Newton said. “I think he’s maybe trying to do too much. I know my son, he is going to go back into the lab, tweak some things, work hard, and come out better. He is not in the business of making excuses. He is going to come back better.”

cam isn’t really doing as well as they had hoped.
i hear he is in the club being a typical new money baller wolf though.
cam better learn how tim tebow does it.

that is also a good question i thought up:

why is it the white baller wolves aren’t so… off the wall?

when they leave the league, they usually are okay.
i’m starting to think that once the black baller wolves get spotlight thrown on them,
they change for the worst.
it is the same story of broke kid who suddenly gets rich and go ape shit.

they, and cam, need to get it together.
but his father can’t get too mad.
i’m sure he played a part in this sudden “attitude“.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Cam Newton Has A Bad Attitude?”

  1. I think Cam is really competitive and yes he doesn’t cheese and grin after a loss but white QBs can just a buck wild (steelers) but are not held under the microscope like the bruhs. Doug Williams is a classic example extremely talented led the redskins to the Super Bowl but gets no love but Bradshaw can womanizer and etc. Then they try to say the bruhs don’t have the IQ to manage the game. I’m done.

  2. I love Cam! All that fine muscle and that sexy smile. He’s just overly passionate about the game and wants to win. If he was smiling and laughing after they lose , then everyone would think he wasn’t serious enough and shouldn’t be all happy. Get off my man, Cam!

    1. Right I agree. I wouldn’t smile in a press conference after a loss, but I wouldn’t close my eyes like Cam did tho. LOL

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