The Desperate Gun Slingin’ Housewife

Cl1ZZyiVYAEKi-dwell she looks crazy.
this sounded like an episode of “desperate housewives”.
so christy sheats,
who use to reside in texas,
decided to give her hubby a birthday present he will never forget.
she killed their daughters right in front of him.
this is the story via the daily mail
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Cam Newton Has A Bad Attitude?

i was hoping to hear better things about his attitude.
but, you can kinda tell just by his post game interviews.
you know it’s bad when your father has to call you the fuck out…

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Making The Crazy: A Stranger In Diddy’s House Part 2

I’d actually watch that episode….

A Fox is looking at you Diddy… and giving you a MEAN side eye right about now….

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