f0xmail: Your Struggle Helped My Struggle



Jamari, I’ve been an avid reader of your site for almost a year and a half now. I must say I browse by it twice or more times a day- Ha! Over the months reading the struggle you’d been going through called life really had me at an awe.

Just like yourself, I’ve been out of work for a few months now. Things get harder and bills keep on adding up, man don’t I know. As well going on countless interviews and still not being promised anything. The amount of education you have does not promise you everything. In this city (DC) things aren’t cheap- just like NYC, I’m sure. Its hard to compete for any job here smh. 60 something percent of people that live in this city have at least their bachelors degree…talk about competition, huh? It’s days when I kick my own ass, but I constantly tell myself not to lose hope…..anyway. I just wanted to say congrats on the job and that you are an example to keep pursuing, man.


tumblr_m4z86snIWb1rwcc6bo1_500first and foremost,
i want to thank you for checking me out as long as you have.
i appreciate everyone who reads and pays attention to my crazy ass.
even if you lurk in the shadows,
i got so much appreciation for ya.
secondly id like to apologize for the late response.
i am pretty backed up with f0xmails since i started working.
between that and sick with this chest cold,
i have been a mess these last two weeks.
can i just get it together?

you know i know about looking for a job in 2014.
mix that with the goverment and that unemployment shittumblr_mxcpq1rv2f1ql5yr7o1_500i wouldn’t wish what i went through these last 2 years on my worst enemy.
i guess you can say my job came through a network.
i interviewed with one person,
they weren’t hiring at the moment,
but i was kept in a “person we really like but will keep in touch” dossier.
i went on other interviews and was promised shinier things.
they all wasted my time.
so i waited for 3 months,
went to florida in-between that,
came back,
and waited some more.
i regretted if i should have even left florida in the first place.
i was forced to sit alone again.
this time,
i was running low on money.

“Nothing’s right I’m torn
I’m all out of faith
This is how I feel
I’m cold and I am chained
Lying naked on the floor
Illusion never changed 
Into something real
I’m cold and I am shamed and bound
And broken on the floor…” – natalie imbruglia, torn

should i give up?
should i keep going?
everything looked like a con instead of a much needed pro.
i must have done my resume a billion times.
i had people judging it and telling me to change shit upon shit.
if it wasn’t for this blog and my readers,
i probably would have kilt myself long time ago.

one thing that got me this job:
after you interview,
always send a “thank you” email that same day.
in about a week or two,
send the “thank you to the thank you” email.
make sure you:

detail why you would be perfect for the job
what skills you learned from the last to benefit this one
always be grateful they interviewed you.

it keeps you in their radar.
they probably have 20,000 other applicants.
you are the one who is persistent.
oh and about those folks with bachelor’s degrees?
dont even sweat that shit.
 be yourself,
show you can do the job,
and let your experience be your selling point.
my job required one and i have nada.
many of the other employees don’t have any either.
i know i’m the best thing that walked in the door and sat in that seat.
i have also been proving that i was the best choice.
alison doyle helped me tremendously.
go ( x facebook ) where she is ALWAYS giving free tips.
please please please use alison’s websites as a resource.
good luck and keep me updated!


Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “f0xmail: Your Struggle Helped My Struggle”

  1. I think having a bachelor degree is not all that anymore because a lot of jobs are looking more for work experiences than your grades which I am trying take a lot of internship to gain a lot of work experiences.

  2. I’m still struggling myself.What makes it even harder is watching friends and family get jobs but dropping them because they want to and getting another job right after.I can’t even get one interview but these niggas move from job to job to job.My friend moved here from another town and had a dilemma because he was offered three different jobs after only being here for a week.

    Ugh.I hate America.When I get married, me and my husband are moving to Canada to raise are surrogate and adopted children.

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