tumblr_le9yvve3cR1qfj6wko1_500who wants some chocolate fudge cake?
oh so now you turn down my cooking?
well starve!
so an f-bi sent me this hilarious youtube video just now.
its an “informative” video for the d/l and curious about foxhole sex.
is bootyhole sex stinky and gross?
will you get pound of hersheys in your lap on your first time?
hell will you do it and have to move away in fear of embarrassment?

well check this out…

2442057-1627833308-mj-lathe voice had me literally “LMAO”.
before you engage in ANY bootyhole play,
fox or vixen,
make sure they’ve done the proper procedures.


this is not the 1900s.
“stick it in pa and hope nothin comes!”
no one should be getting banged with an ass full of…
you may get a gooey surprise messing with an inexperienced “straight”.
foxes like us?
nah homie.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. From a medical standpoint we actually tell people to be careful of doing enemas frequently they can sometimes strip the rectum of needed nutrients and lining and then to have sex right afterwards can cause issues. A proper diet works best. Im a bttm and I have a high fiber high water intake I’ve never used an enema all I do is make sure I have a bowel movement like an hour or two before sex, take a warm shower and like I said before I also drink many fluids so my system runs regularly so when I do have sex im cleaned out and ready to go lol never had any accidents oh and my lil undercover friend that i mentioned in that man in yoga pants entry, he keeps hitting me up so sooner or later I’ll know who it is out of the people I know that’s gay

  2. Hey women’s vagina can smell too *cough* fish. And some of you guys may not know this but women make more fudge on men’s dick than us gay guys because a lot of women didn’t know they have to clean in there.

      1. Some of the females I talk to say it feels unnatural when they have anal sex and hate it when the guy cum in there. But I do think they handle anal sex better than us because supposedly their bodies are design for pain for child birth

  3. Funny ass video lol. The sexual readines part got me. Niggas talking bout “I’m wet.” Boi bye. You dont have a pussy nigga. Stop it. Please.

    Oh and the ones who are reading that are curious about getting pipe, your bodies gonna be aight. We not gone hurt you…..not at first. I’m kidding…..maybe. 😛

    1. Let me ask you a question The Man why is it tops start off cool but lose their minds when they get inside? Like it’s almost like you all zone out why is that what does a tight ass feel like?

  4. My uncle used to talk about a local gay man.He told us that every time he went to his house, it smelled like shit so he knew the dude was having booty sex.I was disappointed because at the time I was young so I thought I’d eventually have a poop smelling place.Now that I’m older I realize that that gay man wasn’t very cleanly if his place smelled like shit.I had only met him once and he was an old sloppy queen.There are ways to avoid shit and dooky fumes.

  5. I can’t with this video… LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Once it got to sludgy porridge-like, I had to hit that pause button. I’m a vegan, so my diet is very fibrous, and clean, meaning low-residual. I also have a special anal douche that is specially designed to prevent backwash. It’s sturdy and reusable, so you can clean it (well), and use it again (money-saver). I also find that using a condom safe silicone-based lubricant like ‘wet’ platinum during sex really does wonders. You can check out all kinds of ass cleaning products from That’s where I got my anal douche.

  6. @Malcolm, I like to call it blacking out. Take it as a compliment man, it means your ass is good and makes a dude lose his mind. Yes, it is inconsiderate, but man up and take that D like a boss lol. Y’all can take it, we are all men. We love you guys tho lol. *runs*

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