Frankie Got That Eeyore Eye Swagg Going On

tumblr_mnhfwqTP2f1r8zyc5o1_1280awww frankie looks sad.
his eyes certainly tell it.
apparently he uploaded this picture to his tumblr recently and quickly erased it.
for someone who has a grammy,
doing production for jay and kanye,
doing a lot better than his “before”,
and i’m sure exposed to a better kind of meat…
…well then again.
he always looks just over it.
i wonder whats going on with frankie?
he should go “dark illuminati lite” next album.
like so:

tumblr_msybpdiYFz1qhbn7lo1_500that would actually be interesting.

x visit his tumblr here

6 thoughts on “Frankie Got That Eeyore Eye Swagg Going On

  1. Very cute dude in a boy next door kind of way. I must admit after seeing so many stars who are attention whores when you find one recluse like say a Prince or Michael Jackson in todays world its sort of weird and really I have already forgot about him. I think he was hyped up a little too much and after seeing some live performances Im taking a second look at his artistry as not that great, but I agree that he is a hell of a song writer, but its nothing that really stands out about him like musical geniuses of the past. He is good far from great at this point in his career. Maybe this star thing became too much for him and he can take it or leave it.

  2. Frank has been hanging out in London for about a month having fun with some friends.He is in Miami now possibly for Pharrell’s wedding this week.DK if he is dating anyone,the main guy he was hanging out with in London, a Guy named Morgan is Gay.Though I think they are just friends.As for music I have a feeling Frank wants to be songwriter not a performer. He will be on stage next month at Odd Future Carnival in LA Nov 9

    Signed resident Frank Ocean Stan 🙂 He was happy in London several smiling pics. Although the pics were deleted from his friends’ IG after some fangurls and fans start making comments.

  3. Frankie is a naturally dark and unique individual, so I don’t want to say he is sad too fast. I hope is ok though. He is doing great things. His album did well, he won a grammy, doing production, and is doing great for a man ho came out.

    He is a nice piece of eye candy too. Talk about attractive.

  4. Yeah he always does. He needs to get back to the music before he lose his “buzz”. He on his BeyoncĂ© crap. Taking entirely to long to drop a album to build anticipation. But unfortunately that does not work for everyone.

    1. ^i agree.
      he needs to channel all that sadness into something epic.
      beyonce seems like she is trying to find something that works.
      i’m sensing stuck or scared.
      none of her “singles” have done well on the charts.
      i heard she shot a ton of videos recently so we’ll see.

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