rip frankie, keyshia cole’s mother

one of my favorite memories of my childhood was watching shows with my little sister.
one show i remember us watching together was keyshia cole’s reality show on bet,
“the way it is”.
it was like one of our many “brother/sister” bonding moments tbh.
it was better than that fuckin’ spice girls shit she would watch on repeat.
we both loved frankie who was keyshia cole’s mother.
even though she was an addict,
and be super emotional like typical cancers,
she had a really good and infectious spirit about her.
she was literally the star of that show.


so you know i was saddened when i saw this news this morning…

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Frankie Got That Eeyore Eye Swagg Going On

tumblr_mnhfwqTP2f1r8zyc5o1_1280awww frankie looks sad.
his eyes certainly tell it.
apparently he uploaded this picture to his tumblr recently and quickly erased it.
for someone who has a grammy,
doing production for jay and kanye,
doing a lot better than his “before”,
and i’m sure exposed to a better kind of meat…
…well then again.
he always looks just over it.
i wonder whats going on with frankie?
he should go “dark illuminati lite” next album.
like so:

tumblr_msybpdiYFz1qhbn7lo1_500that would actually be interesting.

x visit his tumblr here

Jim Jones Has A Big Mouth

well he certainly has a big ass

that’s besides the point.
remember this?
jim has found himself in quite a bit of trouble.
he went running that mouth of his at a police officer.
they proceeded to throw him,
and that ass,
in jail,
the cliff view pilot has more on this…

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Frank Ocean and Breezy Wolf Have A Massive Brawl At The Studio

it’s ON!
breezy wolf was obviously still mad after that twitter beef they had last year.
the one where breezy wolf’s cousin’s chased him down in that car…


they reunited to have that duel last night….

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Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson Make A Reality Show… and I’m Late.

i don’t know if you have been living under a rock,
like i have,
but keyshia cole has a new reality show.
yes she has an album to sell.
i tried to ignore it, but i watched it for the first time yesterday.

i have a few thoughts…
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