rip frankie, keyshia cole’s mother

one of my favorite memories of my childhood was watching shows with my little sister.
one show i remember us watching together was keyshia cole’s reality show on bet,
“the way it is”.
it was like one of our many “brother/sister” bonding moments tbh.
it was better than that fuckin’ spice girls shit she would watch on repeat.
we both loved frankie who was keyshia cole’s mother.
even though she was an addict,
and be super emotional like typical cancers,
she had a really good and infectious spirit about her.
she was literally the star of that show.


so you know i was saddened when i saw this news this morning…

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “rip frankie, keyshia cole’s mother”

  1. RIP ms. Frankie. She was must see t.v. when I was growing up. She definitely was the star of the show. Man down, I hope she’s finally at peace.

  2. This hurt when I heard the news earlier. Damn I was praying that Frankie would beat that addiction. Drug addiction is a beast to overcome. Praying for all who battle with this specific demon. We all have them but some are tougher to defeat than others

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