so i’m on episode 2 of gossip girl 2021 and i feel like i’m on a diet

i don’t like anything diet.
it takes the flavor out of things that i enjoy.
i love watching shows that highlight “the haves” side of new yawk
that is one of the reasons i loved og gossip girl.
as silly as it could be,
it showed another side of new yawk that many aren’t privileged to.
it makes me want to be better and live better.
it would be a no-brainer that i tuned into “gossip girl 2021” even with all the weird changes.
i finished the second episode and…

Something is missing.

…and it might be serena van der woodson to set shit off tbh.

so i’ll get to the positives first.

I really love how the show is shot.
The camera quality is gorgeous.

I love the use of social media within the show.

I love how it shows New Yawk.

I love how progressive it is for today’s times.

the new gossip girl 2021,
it’s about two sisters,
juliet and zoya (diet yara shahidi)
who have been secretly communicating behind their dad’s backs.
juliet is rich; zoya is middle class.
my problem is the beef between them started so fast and doesn’t make sense.
although pretty

…is too nice and that throws me off.
your sister got with your man and it’s “okay“?
you think blair would even let that shit fly?
i expect a character to give repercussions for shit like this.

this love triangle between audrey,
diet chuck bass aka max,
and aki was bitten out of the first season of “elite” on netflix.
max is bisexual and kinda looks like a diet sebastian stan to me…

max is like every other “haves” white gay who thinks he’d a prize to fuck.
the problem is he doesn’t have the “oomph” like chuck or even sebastian.
he comes off like the snooty white gay everyone can fuck if he gets drunk and coked-up.
there aren’t enough of those in chelsea right now.

the bitchy black vixen,
and her equally bitch friend,
could bring the “cattiness” but they need to be more fleshed out.
why does a billionaire black vixen need juliet for social acceptance is puzzling to me too.
why is she even hanging with this group?

obie is supposed to be the diet dan humphrey but isn’t remarkable enough.
he doesn’t have any redeeming or charming qualities for us to care so he gets washed out.
he seems like the type who would leave that circle to hang with the urban crowd tbh.

the teachers being “gossip girl” is wack tbh.
even the dan reveal as gossip girl was what made the show end in a bowl of wtf.
gossip girl is better as a mystery and not teachers looking to put students in their place on ig.
this new gossip girl should have been tormenting the students and teachers in this 2021 version.
do they even think this shit would fly on ig?

ig would have deactivated that gossip girl page in a week.

i do like the drunk mom storyline as it’s adding depth to one of the characters.

some of the folk’s acting needs work too.


my issue is they are rushing to create the drama that blair and serena brought in the og version.
none of this new cast has that same energy that they do…
it was kinda just “off to the races” and it didn’t make any sense.

I love the tension that builds.

that makes you want to see two characters fuck or fight.
even in real life.
i like to build tension before it goes down whether it’s sex or beef.
two characters ended up fuckin off-screen in episode 2 and it was way too quick imo.

i wanted to see them flirt around a bit but it seems that energy is for the males involved?
i dunno but  i think the producers are too interested in inclusion and gay shit tbh.
this is why “euphoria” hit better.
it pulled no punches and was totally unapologetic.
this is what i expect in my dramas.
i want good drama,
and escapism that makes sense.
ima keep watching but i hope gossip girl 2021 can connect the dots as it goes.

lowkey: episode 2 ended on a season finale-type shit.
i was like is this it???

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “so i’m on episode 2 of gossip girl 2021 and i feel like i’m on a diet”

  1. I was just about to watch it. You said everything I thought about ep1 EVERYTHING. I think I’ll pass on ep2 for now

  2. I would have to disagree in liking the Gossip Girl reboot…I love the intrigue and storylines and the elitism that it shows with a wide, range of personalities. However, I’m not watching the original Gossip Girl, I don’t have a reference.

    1. ^those who watched the original understand the context and what is lacking.
      nothing is wrong with the elitism and the wide range of personalities,
      but they are moving too fast with the pacing.

      the two sisters liked each other but in about a quick blast,
      they are sketchy on each other?
      they were acting like once she moved there,
      their memory was wiped.

      the OG version,
      serena dipped after being a drunken & coked-out mess after fuckin’ her best friend’s man.
      nate was more attracted to serena than he was blair.
      chuck bass father hated him and he rebelled because of it.
      dan humphrey was the poor kid from brooklyn who was in love with serena on the low.
      his sister,
      wanted to fit in with blair and her minions.
      this all transpired and built tension within the first 3 episodes.

      this new version is cool but the characters need more development.
      they are acting like this is the OG character’s story continuing.

  3. “Something is missing.”

    Isn’t that how it is for a lot of these reboots…??? Time and time again they fail to recapture the magic of the original, but can give us better cinematography, special effects, and fashion.

    As I haven’t watched this reboot (nor do I plan to), I was told that this one will lean in on the social justice angle. If that the case, then…sighs heavily and heavily rolls eyes…definitely count me out. At this point, being “woke” and “pro-social justice” ain’t even unique and edgy(?) anymore. It’s become so cliche I feel to the point that the LGBT and other marginalized communities make fun at how Fortune 500 companies pander to them. Idk, just a little bored of it, honestly…especially, when character development and an engaging storyline are going to fall to the wayside for woke points.

    Anyways, I’ma need Hollywood to get their shyte together because I feel this generation (Gen Z) is being robbed of TV shows and movies that they can say are their own and define their childhood. Where is there generation’s Pokemon, Samurai Jack, Avatar the Last Airbender, Kim Possible, Mean Girls, PowerPuff Girls, Dragon Tales, etc…???

    1. ^i don’t want social justice on gossip girl!
      i want shady ass shit!!!
      they are wyldin if they think folks gonna be okay with that.

      imagine if the original was on hbo?
      they would have been going hardcore.

  4. The director for this one said there will be no cat fights nor slut shaming. Which for the 2021 flavor of it makes sense. I haven’t watched the original but i will agree that the reboot seems stale a bit. Im not sure if its the acting the storyline or what but it doesn’t have that bite.

    I like Monet & Luna I think that they would make great characters that steal the main queens shine. I doubt they’ll do that but I need something with bite to really push this story. Everybody feels like diet versions of the original. Also I do hate that we know who gossip girl is & its a bunch of white try hard millennials (which isn’t far off from real life on Social media). I’ll keep going but hopefully it gets better.

    1. ^ no cat fightings or slut shaming is definitely not gossip girl.
      that sounds like disney+.

      did you know,
      or didnt,
      but luna is a trans vixen?
      i learned that today.

      1. I didn’t know that but that’s a good thing for her.

        I think it makes sense in the 2021 scope of what is bullying but I feel like they have to still make the bullies have bite or teeth. I think what sucks is that the new age bullies don’t have bite so the jokes don’t sting or at least hurt a little bit.

  5. I know you touched on this a little but I am going to go and say something even more controversial along those lines, this didn’t need to be inclusive… Infact it’s too inclusive. To be fair I never really loved most of the cast, didn’t think they fit that well but this cast is worse.

    I will always love beautiful people even though it’s unrealistic that most of the world is fine but I am willing to suspend my belief in this regard since most rich people we are exposed to are beautiful celebs. Now style choice, too eclectic maybe have that ONE that is experimental with style is enough. Next, too diverse when it comes to sexualities. I will always live for some gay drama and scandals but it’s interesting that over half the group are LGBT+ I don’t need it to be background, leave it for a storyline. Now the most controversial…

    Race, race is too diverse and the wrong kinda diverse… We know damn well the rich in the US are mostly white. When it comes to adding other races one black vixen with the tired as press or perm kinda like Michaela Pratt (fave character!) of HTGAWM I can’t imagine rich black parents would be happy with obvious wigs, braids or weaves maybe extensions though, they are the 3rd most populous ethnicity and lets be real about the Latinos… the rich are mostly because of organised crime or entertainment that is not lead material but would be a sickening storyline for a side character. And then 1 Chinese because the rich Chinese love to study abroad alot.

    Also lowkey, I am definitely not saying the white actors were ugly because they were cute but they were not giving…

  6. “The camera quality is gorgeous.” So you just really went “beautiful gown” on them like that LOL

    “the producers are too interested in inclusion and gay shit tbh.” and that’s the issue, talking about we don’t force you to drink, do i have your consent. I mean we get it, it comes fater #metoo and nowadays you have to be careful otherwise you’re cancel with the quickquest

    But they’re trying too much and not enough at the same time. They did an amazing job on the cast : black, asian trans… i love it. But i feel like they thought it would be enough to sale it

    Juliet zoya obie yeah no : yall supposed to be sister and yall forget that after two hours and start fightinh over nothing / you came to see your sister and you immediately date her boyfriend / you go for the sister just after a break up / you are ok with your sister dating your ex right after you === > NO NO NO

    But my biggest issue is obie : i hate rich people with morals it’s just too fake, i want my rich people to be rich pretty and chaotic. Dan was Dan because he was poor and at the end even him wans’t that holy

    Anyway it’s Gossip Girl so imma stick beside it

    1. 10000000% agree on the Zoya/Julien story line. In fact I fonted the same thing on another space. The writers clear want people to favor Zoya but I’m not here for her AT ALL.

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