my lace panties and prostate being tickled is a legit argument in my break up

one of my best friends,
has been trying to get me into tyler perry’s “sistas” on bet.
tyler perry is cool,
but he isn’t my particular flavor when it comes to entertainment.
i’ll be honest with you,
i only wanted to tune into the show because:


The cast of vixens on the show are all really beautiful
Tyler casts fine wolves to be the love interests/eye candy
The sex scenes have been…

so i’ve been sniffing around with interest.
of course,
tyler shows me why he needs a…
you know.
in a recent episode,
two of the characters broke up and this is what got ya’ll dragging him out here…

now i don’t know the context as to why they are breaking up.
i can understand the two dads and feminine side being a good defense,

Would a straight male even mention his “lace panties” and “his prostate being tickled” as a defense in a breakup tho?

i feel like a vixen would stop when she saw the lace panties.
i could be wrong since times are changing and some vixens are accepting whatever just to have a man.


i know you’re thinking it,
and i’m def thinking it,
but i’m here to font you that tyler ain’t changing NAAH-THIN about how he [redacted] these shows.
so don’t waste your time and just accept the show(s) for what it is.
i’ll tune in for the eye candy and the sex scenes…

…what about you?

lowkey: we gonna talk about this one wolf who is on there currently.

10 thoughts on “my lace panties and prostate being tickled is a legit argument in my break up

  1. TP stays playing. All they do is ask ‘are you sure??’. 17 seasons of have nots and nothing has happened. But Devale Ellis is great to look at. 1 thing you can’t take away from Tyler is his eye for fine ass men. Can’t pass intro to acting for dummies, but they be fine.

    1. How in the hell has it been that long?

      The entire last season of HAHN has been like.. what? 2 weeks in their timeline. It’s proof that black people will blindly support anything. We could be more poweful lmao

  2. I used to not want to criticize T.Perry too much because anytime a Black person can rise to his level of success it is to be commended because I know the “The Struggle was Real” paved with a million more obstacles than a non-melanin person but for all the power he has now and he purposely creates Bullshit like this is a No for me. I have only watched snippets of his shows or a couple of episodes here and there and that was usually for either the eye-candy or someone criticizing the show such as this scene discussed on this post which was highly panned on Twitter. This acting and writing is pure TRASH. TP continues to push homophobic narratives in his work because it has proved to be so successful in drawing in his core female audience. Since he is not going to do better, I will be better and not watch or support his shows. He is no different from any other entertainment person who uses the low brow entertainment to appeal to a large number of empty vessels in the world whose brains have been fried from years of empty mindless entertainment. TP really does not care about Black folks, like any person who is successful in our capitalistic form of government, it is all about the money and nothing else. He could care less about the long term damage these narratives can cause. Television and media is a powerful tool that has a huge impact on how people are viewed and these shows from what I can see yes they are entertaining but they go a long way in pushing old tired stereotypes and using cheap shots for laughs. He clearly has a huge ego and seems to suffer from narcissist personality disorder since he refuses to give others a chance to be a part of his writing team because he says he knows best. Thankful now in this new media age there are so many good Black shows on so many platforms that have meaningful memorable characters that you can save some brain cells and skip what TP is serving up on his buffet.

    1. If he wasn’t a happily married man. My lawd my lawd!

      Yeah I can’t do anymore Tyler Perry bullshit after I finish torturing myself with the series finale of the Haves this Tuesday. His eye candy is always on point but it’s not enough to sustain me and I can just look online for the good stuff. I’m glad my fellow gays are always doing the good reporting and investigative work for us all. Love y’all!

  3. I watch bet presents the encore & they keep advertising that show. Im going to continue passing however. I learned my lesson from trying the haves & haves not.

  4. To make any Tyler Perry show tolerable I have introduced a drinking game you should try with your friend. Every time the cast is constantly repeating the same lines(or key word) over and over again, take a shot. You’ll be fucked up in the first 5 to 10 minutes.

    Season One of Bruhs can give yourself alcohol poisoning 😂

    1. ^oh i couldn’t even get through bruh with that annoying ass mother.
      i was into that show but she started getting on my nerves so i canceled it.

      and you trying to get me drunk s&m?!?!?
      the word “yeah” will have us fucked up in 3 minutes LOL

      1. On the HAHN, “ok” is so overly use, you’ll be alcohol poison by the end of the show.

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