Jim Jones Has A Big Mouth

well he certainly has a big ass

that’s besides the point.
remember this?
jim has found himself in quite a bit of trouble.
he went running that mouth of his at a police officer.
they proceeded to throw him,
and that ass,
in jail,
the cliff view pilot has more on this…

Jim Jones arrested in New Jersey: obstruction, disorderly

After leaving his car abandoned in last week’s snowstorm, a parking ticket still on the windshield, rapper Jim Jones was arrested after he “became belligerent” and was found to have outstanding warrants, Fair Lawn police said.

Sgt. James Corcoran spotted the car parked on Ward Street yesterday and was having it towed when Jones — a Fair Lawn resident whose real name is Joseph G. Jones — showed up and asked the sergeant what he was doing, police said.

According to Sgt. Richard Schultz, the ticket was placed on the car last Wednesday and the still hadn’t been moved, despite borough requirements that allow for street plowing.

“Deeming the car abandoned, the sergeant was in the process of having it towed and removed from the roadway when Jones approached and inquired what the sergeant was doing,” Schultz said.

well i’m not shocked he got belligerent especially in the likes of jersey.

new yorkers in general don’t like the police….
jimmy shouldn’t be going off if he warrants tho.
not his smartest decision.
jimmy should try to avoid jail.
those snack cakes of his would be a big problem on cell block D.

lowkey: is his show with chrissy still coming back on?
shit was boring as hell.
they need to go right back to love and hiphop ny.
better yet his mom,
and mama dee need to team up for a show.

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