God Said, “Your Time To Be Fucked Is Now”.

it’s a funny ass thing

i’m actually smiling as i write this.
i shouldn’t be.
life is just funny.
last year,
i was treated like dirt by this team i was on.
i was replaced by someone who was supposed to be “better“.
everyone cosigned with him.
he had the “talk“.
started treating little ol me like pure raw shit.
i was hurt.
ya know, i felt betrayed and used.
i would try to suggest various things to help the growth,
but people would shoot them down and question it.
i left and didn’t look back.
as much as i wanted to go out guns a blazin,
i said to myself:

chill out.
try not to sweat the bullshit and relax.”

even rapper wolf said it was fucked up when he came over.

who knew that on valentine’s day,
cupid would not shoot a love arrow.
karma shot a missile.
i would get a voicemail about this same person.
the one who would get everyone in a higher place within the industry.
well that same person done stole all their money from their bank accounts.
can’t be found.
number is changed.
he gone ya’ll!

so as i’m drinking my wine right now,
i have a smile on my face.
i’m cooking an amazing valentine’s day dinner.
it will be prepared so i can sit back,
and watch scandal later.
while this is happening,
i will continue to ignore my blown up phone/texts.
people who want to tell me about what an asshole he is!
how when you see him
you are going to kick his ass!
when all the shit went down!


it’s not my fuckin’ problem.
in fact,
when i left,
no one hit me up to say anything.
ya’ll was at cheesed up at an industry event.
now ya’ll been fucked,
you want to be on my ass again?
fuck you in every which way.
i’m big on loyalty and that’s been fucked.
we pretty much have nothing to talk about.
next time people think the grass is greener on the other side


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “God Said, “Your Time To Be Fucked Is Now”.

  1. Jamari, ignore them as if they are a wall. It’s nothing better than ignoring someone who has fucked you over when you needed them most, I would continue to ignore everything. Leave the past is here its at, and keep on stepping boii

  2. Im learning and I hope everyone learns that for people who do you wrong in this life, dont get even or revenge just sit back and relax and wait on it. As a queen used to tell me when somebody fucked him over “Its Greater Later” I was young and really didnt understand that at the time, but now I understand it quite well. Every dog has his day, it make take a week, month or even years but your time will come when you do wrong and it might not even be done to you but someone you love with your heart and soul. I have been around long enough to see especially in gay life, all the fine hot boys who used to be such assholes to everybody, turn into fat busted swole pickles who stomach and ass stick out like they are shaped like the letter S. The people who steal from you always end up broke or come down with illness, its always good to treat people good. I wish Chris Dorner would have learned this early, he and his victims might be alive today.

    1. ^i just listened to the song and I love it.
      i love the instruments on the track.
      it felt really old school.
      i got this feeling of peace and relaxation listening to it.
      im about to buy it from iTunes now!

      thank you for the suggestion.

      1. Thanks. Glad you liked the song. I love it because it is true. When people mess you over keep your head high and keep it moving. Because what goes around comes around.

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