Mental Road Block

Google-Maps-iconguess who got his florida license today?
not charlie brown.
i didn’t even have to do much to get it,
plus they gave me it the same day.
it felt good to be back on the road again.
leaned back with one hand on the wheel.

karaoke wanted me to be able to get from point a to b,
because you def need a car round these parts.
she paid for it and after i dropped her off at work,
she let me off to go explore.
ya know,
i kinda like it here.
i was talking to someone today and they said my voice is happier.
they said once i go back to ny,
i’m going to get back in that rut again.
its not even karaoke paying for me,
because honestly i feel like a hand out,
but its the new surroundings and being around someone who actually cares about me.

i feel kinda confused on that road to take.
i’m legit tired of new york,
but i do have a job offer when/if i go back.
i haven’t started looking for jobs here yet,
but i plan on calling around tomorrow to see if anything bites.
i hate not having my own money.
that is what bothers me the most about being here.
maybe i’m doing too much?
thinking too much?
i dunno.
i’m a little scared,
but that’s okay?
deep down inside,
i’m willing to:

maybe here is where i’d meet a baller wolf.
ive been told many live around these parts.

even my dream wolf in general.
this new road maybe leading to it.

low-key: i have to go pick karaoke up from work,
but i’ll update once i get back.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “Mental Road Block”

  1. I think if you get multiple job offers in Florida you should stay.I think a change of scenery will be good for you.Hell, it’d be good for me too.

  2. I think Florida is made for you.
    And remember NY will always be there if you ever decide to return.
    Have you been to Miami? What its like there?

  3. take out a piece of paper on one side write new york city and honestly write in two columns, one for pros and the other for cons, and flip the paper over and do the same for florida, and whichever has the most pros go with that. and last but not least TRUST your spirit, not your guy but your SPIRIT alot of times when we face difficult decisions we already know the answer we’re just afraid to take the step…i pray that GOD blesses you and gives you the strength to make that big step…

    SN: if you move to Florida you won’t be down for long ,you’re young,, ambitious and innovative you’ll be fine. keep us posted!!!!

  4. Jamari i just got back from visiting FL for the first time & i loved it, was in south beach, ft. Lauderdale, & miami. I met really nice people who were super helpful, loved the malls, & the weather was great (except for the random rain). But i would def move if an opportunity came up

  5. Move to the south. Friendly people nice weather NO SNOW & you know dudesvare built differently out here. The downside is sketchy public transportation & hurricanes but I love the south & we welcome you.

  6. Jamari, home is where the money is. If your job prospects are not good in New York but are good in Florida, you gotta go were you can support yourself.

  7. I have a feeling you’ll make the right decision, it can be hella scary trying new things but you don’t want any regrets when you get older. I agree with the pro and con list stated above.

  8. Please give it a few weeks Jamari. You’re still in the honeymoon phase. I love that you’re feeling better….more positive…but really. Don’t get caught up in the glitter. lol

    Wishing you the best!

  9. Hey J, I am going to go on the not so fast bandwagon as well. They dont call it the Dirty South for nothing. You will love the weather and not miss the cold winters but you will be giving up a lot in terms of culture and things to do. That slow pace is good for a while, in chill mode but after a couple of months it will drive you crazy. You will see real fast that there is much Fuckery and Foolery living with your people in the South, and its truly a different world and let me not start on Gay life in the South, unless you are moving to Atlanta, Dallas, or Houston and maybe Charlotte, you can kiss any type of progressive gay life goodbye get ready is all Im going to say. I would not pick Florida for a new move to start over unless you already have money. Just from visiting a couple of cities there, and having friends from Florida I would say No! It gives me very Ratchet and very Racist, and people from there will tell you this as well who have had the opportunity to get away. Please think long and hard before making any type of fast move unless you have no other choice due to finances, but even then use it as a stepping stone to a better more progressive city.

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