I Guess I Won’t Be Handling His Package Anytime Soon

tumblr_l383b1ahfd1qak053o1_1280so it’s done.
the new mailroom wolf and i.
duecez up.
this is what happened

so i haven’t seen him the last few days.
i was wondering what was happening.
i saw a new older wolf delivering the mail.

time to get on the hunt.

tumblr_nf32urqnbb1u3aq47o1_500it was way too early for him to take a vacation.
it hasn’t even been a month he was there.
maybe he was sick?
maybe he died?
so i got a “fake package” and headed to the mailroom.
i wasn’t going to make it obvious,
so i spoke to a wolf i knew well in there.

“yo what happened to the wolf who was doing the mail on my floor?
he didn’t pick up a package i had to send out.

one minute he was here and the next he was out.
did he get sick of this place already?”

he got a better job that pays more money.
he bounced.”

tumblr_nijsg8fkry1u3aq47o1_500i felt my heart sank.
i was working on that and it looked so promising.
he was sexy.
i loved watching his biceps contract as he picked the mail up out the cart.
i also loved how he looked at me like he was staring into my soul.
funny enough,
he had a lot of admirers i didn’t know.
i was among some competition between vixens and gays.
one of the older gay foxes was also working on that too.

i added him on my social media!
you know i wanted to keep in touch with that!
i’m trying to get a piece now he gone.”

well there we have it.tumblr_na32ecd20s1tymklvo1_500hopefully,
we will see each other again.
if not,
i will thank him for those brief moments we shared.
he certainly brought me a little horniness happiness at that hell hole.
he is what i’d like in a wolf.
i wish him well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “I Guess I Won’t Be Handling His Package Anytime Soon

  1. Aww.

    Would you be willing to reach out via social media to him? That seems to be the way folks go about courting nowadays

  2. Aww Jamari I’m sorry to hear that. If you have his social media accounts go follow him and slide through his dms. I really think you should pursue him, don’t give up dude.

  3. I’m sorry Jamari. I hope you get a chance to reach out to him through social media. I am hoping this works out for you!

  4. In the words of Florida Evans(Good Times),”DAMN,DAMN,DAMN”😦
    I agree with everyone else contact him on social media.

  5. I know you wanted him bad. Hmm…I am leery about you following him on social media because the two of you are only acquaintances at best. If you choose to do it, I suggest you wait a while, so it seems like you actually found his profile.

    1. I agree as much as it sucks he’s gone you don’t want to come off too thirsty right away since you two only had a few words with each other.

      1. The Man & Mikey are right. Give it some time. You find him on social media and then you can play it off like, you bounced…where did you end up working? Play it off! Lol

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