Would You Let Him Handle Your Package?

11856639_952219654842404_1871872796_n_zps1pabxozhave you seen some of the animals who deliver your mail?
well if not,
you need to start.
lately ive been seeing some sexy package carriers.
well check out what one of the wolf-bi sent me…

4712_25aahe is cute.
nice bunz.
clearly he likes his work uniform.
i love to see “bunz in uniform” tho.
am i the only one?
no other info but the pictures.
i don’t know his route either.
i can see those questions coming.
i’m sure a few wolves round here would hand over their packages to him.
would the size even matter?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Would You Let Him Handle Your Package?”

  1. Nice, I will take one of those to go with the legs up LOL. I will let the Postman ring twice and I dont have to put him on my insurance either with those good benefits he has, and he looks like he is funsize too. Its a win-win. Hurry up and bring me a package Mr. Postman. 🙂

  2. LOL. My postman is sexy too. He has Dreds & a bangin’ body. I offered him a bottle of water on a hot, humid day and he thought I was hitting on him. I had to laugh at him, which I don’t think he liked, but I was like really dude…it’s hot as fuck out here! He told me that he gets hit on a lot by a lot of guys.

  3. I had did someting similar and a short dl guy told me I had a phat ass. I certainly didnt like the attention but welcomed it. It looks similar to his to be honest. The second I saved up enough money I bought a bigger pair. I dont give a free show and I am certainly not a cheap hoe nor throw away.

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