shattered buddy pass

when my mind is set on something,
i get to OD obsessing about it.
for the last few weeks,
i’ve been into the idea of traveling heavy.
watching and sleeping to videos about packing suitcases.
it was really peaceful to me tbh.
last week,
my friend randomly hit me up and said…

“Hey Jamari.
I got a buddy pass that will expire at the end of the year.
I can always get more next year,
but if you wanna go somewhere this month,
lemme know and I’ll give you one.”

you know the crazy part?

I have nowhere I want to go right now.

 i do,
but i didn’t think i was going there so soon.
i didn’t plan on traveling this last month of 2021.
not only that,
i have to pay the fees for the buddy pass even if i wanted to go somewhere alone.

so thats:

Spending money

…and none of that fits into this month’s budget.
if i was going with someone(s) and we were splitting costs then cool.
not only that:

This Omarion Omicron is raging within the country.

so many people i know of getting sick at lighting speed.
as much as i LOA’d a trip,
i’m not ready to actually do it.

6 thoughts on “shattered buddy pass

  1. Don’t feel bad because there have been certain airlines that have canceled flights for a day or worst days with no alternative.

  2. The reticence to not travel is wise. Once you return you would be stressing over every cough and sneeze, even though you’re vaxxed.
    America’s/ Americans are so spoiled and self entitled; it compels me to think
    “Could this country ever surmount this challenge”?
    I am disgusted how lax and entitled the majority of people are still behaving. It is just stunning, the disregard still on display. Staying home is best Jamari.💝

  3. Tell ur friend I said ‘hey big head’. I need friends w benefits (legit, tangible ones…like buddy passes) in my life!

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