So These 3 Hanging Out In Dubai, Huh?

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 3.12.53 PMmaxwell,
will smith,
and tyrese together in dubai.

granted it was tyrese’s 35th b`day trip,
along with will and jada’s 16th anniversary,
buuuuuuut den again…

tumblr_lq9sriYuns1r1is3ko1_500its only five days into the new year so i’ll play nice.

lowkey: they look like they’re having fun.
i’d love to tag along for the…

more pictures/videos on: tyrese instagram / tyrese’s facebook

additional footage: maxwell’s instagram

17 thoughts on “So These 3 Hanging Out In Dubai, Huh?

  1. that scene with tyrese taking his shirt off with the gorgeous Paul Walker almost made me drool on himself…that body and that beautiful chocolate complexion *sigh* tyrese could GET IT!!! and SN: Tyrese, Maxwell and will could get it…sorry but these are three men i’ve been lusting after individually for YEARS especially Will ;-0…blame it on the 6months celibacy lol

  2. I see what some of these celebs be doing

    Do your business overseas where there’s no paparazzi unless you call them

    1. Exactly. Basketball players, actors, musicians all go to Europe and Asia and they bring their tricks with them. It’s been going on forever.

  3. Girls be nice! just because 3 fine looking brother just happen to be in dubai from what I hear allot of fine DL arabs folic, don’t mean anythinz goinz onzzz.

  4. I LOVE that these mature black celebs can hang together, just like their white counterparts do! #LovingIt

  5. This is a very odd combination, but for whatever reason Will Smith has mentored Tyrese for a number of years. He is one person as I stated in the past along with Bryan McKnight, 50cent and a couple of more dudes I cant name off hand right now rub me the wrong way and I do not care for at all in any way. I dont know where in the hell Maxwell came into this scene, I have never really seen him hang out with any celebs but when that pic of him and Kerry hit last year I guess I wont be surprised with anything from him as well. I hope they had fun and enjoyed themselves, use to be crazy about Will Smith but none of them at least on these pics look appealing.

      1. He probably wasn’t there. He’s old as hell now. Will probably want some younger meat, and he has it in Tyrese and Maxwell lol.

        Out of Will, Maxwell, and Tyrese who would you let smash tho?

        I want Maxwell. I am curious about him since he is so private.

      2. I’d let Tyrese smash.He was one of the first dudes I ever jacked it to.Thanks to his body and ass being shown in Baby Boy.

      1. FYI @ Man and Jamari: you must not know aged meat that’s been properly cured is considered a delicacy:).

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