Is That Any of Your Business?

tumblr_l5pzg4A2rH1qzngc9*beep la beep la beep la beep* – text message sound goes off.

“im witnessing a lot of racism lately.
it makes me sick…”

“oh ok.”

“its crazy.”

“well has it been personally involving you?
has someone been harassing you?”

“not personally,
but observing.”

blankstare“do you plan on doing something about it?
writing a letter, maybe?”

“sighh i know where this is going”

“i’m glad you do.
mind your business.
thats not your problem.
you are too nosy.”

“no need to be rude sir.”

“not rude at all.
being honest.
rude is me saying:
“shut the fuck up and get your hands off other people’s problems.
you got your own problems.”

tumblr_mm4s60n8Xk1s49x9io1_400“i needed that.

i love left.
ya’ll know i do.
he has been there for me since star fox passed,
gives me that much needed “straight” opinion,
but sometimes i gotta get him together.
he can be WAY too nosy,
while letting other people’s shit make him bitter.

he will take someone else’s situation and make it his own.
or add it on to the many reasons why why he doesn’t like people.
um no.
uh uh.
in this cluster fuck called “life”,
you will be see many things going wrong around you.
most of it won’t even involve you.
if you not gonna do something about it,
then it’s none of your business.
if some dumbass is allowing someone to treat them bad,
then that is their battle to fight.
“not i,” said me.
unless it concerns me,
my friends,
my readers…
i don’t give one harmonious fuck about it.
50900-Ellen-Page-shrug-gif-Tb30well unless it makes for a great entry.

lowkey: i’m becoming a real snarky bastid for 2014.
my whole attitude is that ^britneyspears gif as of late.
i love it lol.
thank you 2013 for making this possible.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Is That Any of Your Business?”

  1. I just had to tell a friend this same thing when they came whining to me about being used by a family member. I told them you know how this person is and why do you continue to deal with them, you have no obligation to a grown person and they started giving me excuses and I had it, I started cussing and going off on their stupidity, I just had enough from 2013 and I refuse to go into 2014 with B.S. Needless to say I have not heard from this person in a couple of days and they literally call me at least 2-3 a day. I dont care anymore, you can lose my damn number because I got my own problems I am dealing with and I dont care about stupid $hit anymore. I hope I keep this attitude and dont slide back to my caring ways of the past because I just ended up feeling miserable at the end of the day worrying about someone elses problems.

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