ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m Not Gay Anymore Because I Have Found Jesus.

not me.
no i like men too much.
have you seen the new draft meat?
it’s from this guy here:

Antoine+Dodson+AFI+FEST+2010+Presented+Audi+wpuLKCnPQGMlfrom this fame:

and this:

well since everyone is coming out the closet,
antoine dodson is packing up and going right back in.
he posted this on his facebook

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 8.25.44 PM

tumblr_inline_mm5gpbtFex1qz4rgpyou know everyone ripped him a new asshole, right?
not the way he likes either.

he then goes:

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 8.25.55 PMx facebook

Uhhgottago2looks like someone is trolling for attention.
he knows he likes to do circus soleil shows on a dick.
stop it.
stop it right now.
you know what?
show him a picture of this:

tumblr_ml9calN5Qz1rnnb31o1_500… and tell antoine to take that towel and wipe him down after he works out.
if his pipe gets instantly hard,
you got your answer.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m Not Gay Anymore Because I Have Found Jesus.”

  1. I…can’t even deal i just don’t understand these ‘ex-gays’…i went through this…from the time i was 14 until i was 21, i contemplated suicide in 2010 because for all those years i’d been praying for so many things that came to past except my sexuality remained the same…i became very depressed, my studies suffered as a result i overindulged in liquor, sex and etc…it resulted in me having to sit out of school at the university of south carolina for 8 months for poor academic scholarship…i finally came to grips with who i am in 2011 and embraced and realized that i wasn’t a sin nor abomination…i’m a man thats sexually attracted to men ONLY..i can’t turn it off and on like a light switch…so with that being said i still believe in christ, but if he feels that’s what he’s going to do okay but don’t make it seem like you’re straight now….sounds like he’s been brainwashed by the black israelites religion…i used to see them out in philly, they;re homophobic, sexist black men who feel they’re the real israelites….

    1. ^chingy is one of those israelites too.

      i remember when star fox called me and said he was through dating wolves.
      he found him a cute fat girl and they tried to make “straight” work.
      he called me two weeks later saying he got his ass to’ up by this wolf,
      who later would become his boyfriend.

      these foxes,
      and hybrids turn straight when they can’t find someone to “love” them.
      they think getting into a relationship with a female will be easier.
      i find god tests them HARD BODY when they change what’s supposed to be natural.

      don’t fight it.

  2. This is exactly why straight people think homosexuality is a choice. It’s niggas like this that make it hard for other niggas. If someone chooses to be with women and does not to be in the life anymore good for them, but don’t call me crying when you tried having sex with a woman and you lil wee wee couldn’t get hard. Some will even go as far as using Viagra, and that is sad. Pathertic, pathetic, and even more pathetic. I will not never resort to that.

  3. Uh yeah right, even if you are not gay anymore, which I highly doubt, seriously what female is gonna let you bang her back out, knowing the places your mouth has been. Get married, Oh my this is a joke right, its gonna be sad on the honeymoon when he throws his legs up faster than hers, I guess they can argue over who rock their 27 piece quick weave the best or practice doing each other sew-ins. Nicca you know you dont want no sweet vagina. Trick stop playing! The sissies are going to drag him to the gates of hell for this stunt.

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