Questions That Will Get The Hive Riled Up

i got asked a question today that i put up on the ig foxhole.
a friend of mine randomly hit me up to ask me this:

i know.
i was pretty floored myself.
so this is how the conversation went…

and these were the videos i used:

i mean,
when you look at all the videos,
they are both pretty good at what they do.
i prefer beyonce,
but i won’t knock jlo for her performing.
her singing isn’t that great,
but she puts it in work on the stage.
so i’ll ask the foxhole…

Is JLo just a good a performer as B?

lowkey: i was gonna do a poll.
God said don’t.

24 thoughts on “Questions That Will Get The Hive Riled Up

  1. I would say Beyonce….. because she gives u something that u can do in the club!! Honey… I’ve seen the kids do the entire routine in the club and didn’t miss a step!!!!!

  2. Time to be messy ! Lol
    Let’s not forget how Beyonce team used to copy jlo especially when she went solo the outfit and hair and make up etc even your first pic their close looks a like
    Just saying…🐸🍵

  3. Sorry my foxes and wolves but this lil ole satyr cut his gayby teeth on Janet, Prince, and Madonna circa 1989-1993…especially the Girlie Show Down Under. However, per the discussion: JLo had some beats that I still vibe with: Get Right…BUT, Queen B is the lady of the day. Not a Hiver at all, but 7/11 and Partition drew me in through the choreographies I saw on youtube by Yanis Marshall, Tricia Miranda, and the swell kats at Millenium Dance in LA. So, I’m gonna give Queen B her propers, cause like the rest of them: she’s earned her time to shine too.

  4. I don’t listen to either one of those girls if you want me to be honest..but if I had to pick one, my choice is really leaning towards Beyonce. I think it’s good to keep in mind that Jlo is older and well, I would say she’s a little rusty because of that but then I can’t use that cause Janet is slaying left, right, east and west. If this was Janet and Beyonce…Janet all the way but since this is Beyonce and Jlo, I pick Beyonce, but only because Ive never really listened to Jlo’s songs, maybe one or two. I liked Waiting for Tonight.

    I remember Destiny’s Child. Kelly was my favorite.

    I don’t listen to any of Beyonce’s music really but she has a few songs I’ve heard over the years (I’ve actually had to let someone know I’d whoop they a** cause they came at me wrong when I said I don’t listen to her) smh.

    Beyonce still has my vote though since I’m more familiar with her brand than I am with Jlo.

    I kinda have a skewed opinion since I don’t really listen to their music though.

    You should compare some chocolate menz next tho. That sure will stir up the Foxhole 🙈🙉🙊

  5. Beyoncé all day but I appreciate JLo for what she is and what she does. She can dance her ass off. I appreciate her for that. I will forever love “Waiting for tonight”. Shit I even fuck with “Una noche mas” to be honest. Lol. Beyoncé is revered for a reason. She is todays standard of an amazing performer. The sad thing is at one point, especially in the 90’s, most entertainers could perform just like or even better than Beyoncé does now. Most entertainers now just bop around on stage while the track plays in the background. At least be able to dance your ass off, like JLo, if you’re not a good entertainer.

  6. Walking WITHOUT rhythm! LOL
    she never exhibited confidence when dancing. You can see it in her performances. She counts the movements in her head, and it results in a stiff/rigid performance.

    JLO does that to a degree although she has the confidence in her moves, maybe not as much now since she’s getting older….but she does give a performance. I wouldn’t pay to see her, but if I got free tickets I would check her out….although some of her songs I can’t tolerate (cough *Let’s Get Loud* cough)

    1. ^i watched this today:

      …and was like “wtf is that shit?”
      all she did was walk around and flip her hair.
      i was expecting her to at least do a little routine.
      i thought she did good with this:

  7. Beyoncé….and I’m not even a fan. I heard that when Beyoncé was in Destinys Child Matthew would make her practice singing…while running in heels. I think it worked….and let’s not even compare her vocals to JLo

  8. I don’t know if it’s just me but JLO’s performances come across as theatrical, and it’s like she’s counting the movements in her head (kinda like Britney Spears), whereas Beyonce’s movements are more fluid (more comfortable).

    I give her prosp though ’cause she doing her thang at damn near 50! Alex must be slanging that Dominican dick mighty good!

      1. And Britney and J. Lo are still better dancers than Beyoncé because they’re naturally talented at it. They may can’t sing their ways out of a paper bag but they have and always will be better dancers and performers and anyone who says otherwise is just a sycophant.

  9. Now we know there is no question. Even tho J Lo is a very skilled dancer…that’s about it for me.
    Lol Bey is a King for a reason

  10. It’s an interesting question. I can’t answer that because both of their musical content is not deep enough for me to feel attached to either one of them. If I had to, I would say Beyonce because it’s hard to dance and sing without sounding winded.

    I read somewhere that Matthew Knowles made Beyonce sing her heart out while jogging when she was younger. So Beyonce I guess.

  11. Beyoncé for the win. Jlo is a great dancer, and her music in the late 90s to early 00s were very catchy, but that’s about it. Now, I’ll give it to Jlo she works hard and keeps her money coming, for her to be 48 her body and face looks so good. When you compare I just have to go with Beyoncé. Watching Beyoncé last few tours, videos, songs, says it all.

    1. ^honestly,
      i feel like beyonce incorporates a full blown show with visual effects.
      jlo does a lot of choreography in her numbers.
      they both got stamina and can put it work,
      but beyonce is more of a show stopper to me.

  12. I love us for real 😂😩😂😩… this very much reminds me of the debate y’all be having about brandy and Monica. All about preference and perspective. My vote is for Beyonce tho. I’ve seen jlo perform live twice. And one of the times I wanted my money back. Beyonce made me question if I’d paid enough. Every time.

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