ya’ll got both feets on zander904 neck with no signs of letting up (sheesh)

when folks do clownery,
the clown comes back to bite.

He swallows these mofo’s WHOLE

i love to see it because some of these folks be straight up assholes.
so ironically,
i was JUST looking at this video from attentionisto,

he went on that rampage because he made an onlyfans and was accused of scamming.
well so much has happened since then!
this other clip of him having another rampage that leaked…

if i didn’t know him from a hole in the wall,
i would assume he caught his wolf cheating on him again.
he definitely looks like he puts on a show when he is scorned.
because of him using the “f” bomb,
black gay twitter took turns inside his tail about it.
they got him to get on his ig live and apologize:

what chall say to him?
he looks shook af.
it’s like ya’ll had one of his favorite relatives at knife point.

“Apologize or grandma gets it!”

i bet he didn’t expect that army that was up in those dms.
when they had no more hair left on his head to drag him,
they proceeded to use his beard.

a foxholer sent me a email about a whole twitter page dedicated to zander.
this is what they sent in for review:

this is one of the samples from the twitter:

ya know,
if the alleged is true

Ima really need folks to not have damaging secrets,
but carrying on with a whole nasty attitude.

if he had a boyfriend out here,
i’d imagine he would do better than disrespect the same community he is in.
disrespect the whole community that supports him.
i doubt vixens are paying “such and such” a month to see dick.
if he didn’t come out with a onlyfans,
that turned out to be an alleged scam,
all of this drama wouldn’t even be a conversation.
this lock down is showing that boredom and being broke is causing terrible decision making.
these attentionistos are showing their asses,
no pun intended,
but the rona is revealing the ones who are full of shit.
no pun intended 2.

low-key: he is handsome tho…


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Kno I’m So Blessed Dont Call It Luck🙏🏽

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these red wolves love looking like drake knock offs,
don’t they?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

36 thoughts on “ya’ll got both feets on zander904 neck with no signs of letting up (sheesh)”

  1. You know I find it interesting that these men think it is woman paying these subscriptions. Like we get dick pics and shirtless images with no effort…hell unwanted at times…We don’t have to pay for a damn thing…Like how deep in denial are you to not recognize the base thats supporting your car note???? Hell Twitter and IG reckless comments should let you know before you even consider starting one.

    1. ^riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

      you have common sense.
      they don’t.
      why would you fire off the “f” word to your core support base?
      that is the dumbest thing someone can do.

      1. And if you line all these niggas up, they all look the same. Same facial look, body type, poses, tattoo placement, tattoo designs are similar, speak the same way, facial expressions, type of content…its nothing special.

        Hell pornhub has great amateur content which you can “support” them on the site with men that look just like him all over the place and at least I can see a damn good stroke lol

        1. It’s called posturing. That’s all they do. They get the beard, tatts and whatever else make them look desirable. All these IG dudes are very go along to get along.

        2. François Sagat haircut? Check!
          Lame tattoos and pushups pecs? Check!
          Vacant soulless stare? Check!
          Pursed moist lips from lip gloss he stole from Ulta? Check!
          Skinny dick print pic behind a Section 8 sink? Check!

          Yikes! It’s scary how these dumb asses all look alike now.

          It’s like they made them in a factory in Wuhan somewhere.

          He needs to trim (not cut) that beard and gain about 30 lbs. Where are the real fucking men anymore? This joker can’t be more than 145 pounds!

      2. Because so many gay men like it. We are so obsessed with turning a dude out or getting a straight acting dude. If you want to be highly sought after by gay men pretend to be straight. I’m in Houston and women act like being straight is a aphrodisiac. Like having a wife or a girlfriend is a turn on. There’s a reason for that. Gay men love straight, or confused dudes.

  2. Why does he look like the male version of the “cash me outside” girl? Lol. Anyway, all that attitude let’s me know he’s a power bottom that can ride the hell out of a dick. She ain’t slick.

  3. Are we ready to have the conversation of why he’s been given this much attention? Nah? Ok.

    1. I knew he looked familiar! Thank you for that receipt. No wonder them hand gestures drew red flags 🚩 Its ok to use the community to get you likes but soon as you get called gay you wanna say fuck the same community that got you where you are. Whoever is posting his onlyfans content, thank you for taking one for the team and posting his content. Its probably a dude too. He deserved whatever feedback he got and Kway probably called his ass out on that bashing.

    2. Chile, you betta jog my memory! I remember that clip & thought he was one of the new IG chirren coming up with cute little skits. Now he supposed to be this super-straight DL (obviously) wolf who has an issue with out gay people? Girl, puhleeeeeeze!

  4. it takes a reality check to pimp slap ppl in the bank account esp all these guys swearing down they straight but wanting that almighty gay dollar. if i give anybody my coins it won’t be them bc they all look and act the same. nobody got time for being disrespected in 2020 smdh

  5. i thought i was the only one who peeped he was looking scared af lmao. he swallowed twice and said them words carefully 😂 did i hear a little crack/stutter in his voice? 👀👀

    his antics do screams dl but a lot of these straight men act like bitches 🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. and somebody please tell him real n*ggas move in silence. all the money and gun showing is the quickest way to get yo house ran thru

  7. Saying you’re not gay doesn’t mean you’re not I’m like so have some dignity get a job go back to school man up there dl tricks

  8. Im going to be honest ive seen him on here twice, i think, and keep forgetting who he is. I mean he’s cute but in a sea of similar looking men he’s not unique nor interesting.

    But I’ll be here for the nudes that leak possibly that’s really it.

    (SN: everybody that you’ve mentioned that was attractive yet needs to remain silent keep proving your point.)

  9. This dude has been getting lots of chatter on the innanetz. And from what I’ve seen and heard, he ain’t holding anything worth paying for if you know what I mean…

    1. Chile, NOT you acting like you wouldn’t take a ride. Y’all judgmental queens kill me.

      1. we all ugly to somebody what you like and what you would do is a reflection of you. He’s good looking I guess but to who’s standards. Fair skin and the fake gangster act would definitely not get him any of my attention.

        1. I can respect that, sis. Thanks for reasoning like a human adult. I appreciate it.

        1. Sis, we gon’ fight or what? Test me if you want to, Miss Thing.

  10. Some of these IG guys should keep their fucking mouths closed. Very seldom do their personalities match their physical attributes. Shame.

  11. Ewwww he’s so Butchy like lol….after seeing him speak and his mannerisms, its pretty damn clear now

    High yellow undercover Queen lol

    I never found him that attractive and he’s looks kiinda Middle Eastern.

  12. I Don’t know, Context is very important, I was digging and it looks like his “rant” was a response to the twitter page leaking that butt flashing video and then subsequently everyone running over to him accusing him of “being gay” so…I mean 🤷🏾‍♂️ what u expect the nigga to do?! You got all these fake pages (with Nicki Minaj as the avi in typical fashion 🙄) screaming “oh you gay sis!” “She a lady” etc. And then wonder why even niggas who ARE Gay DON’T want to be associated with this “community” and even now after he’s apologized they still carrying on On Twitter making pages posting & reposting his nudes (revenge porn is ILLEGAL) & shaming him for his dick Size, We as Gay People are not always the victim And not always INNOCENT!

    1. @Bryan: Zander is a popular IG personality. He gets messages every day. Some are crude, rude, distasteful, and down right ignorant. He chose to ignore the fast majority of them, but not the ‘gay’ rumors? And then you ask what is he supposed to do? Ignore the b.s. for $1000, Alex. It’s not rocket science. Y’all make excuses for any lilghtskin dude with some height. And as an attorney, I can tell you that what these anti-fan pages are doing is not revenge porn. Zander put the content on the internet, first on a Rent Men page, that none of y’all want to talk about, and then on OnlyFans. Piracy laws are violated, but not revenge porn statutes, which are different depending on what state you reside in.

  13. Honestly I blame our community. We worship these “straight acting” dudes like gods. Let’s be real they can call our best friend from childhood a diseased faggot who’s going to hell, and many of us will suck their dick. Secondly I blame black women because WAY too many of them egg on the homophobes. They back homophobic men more then straight men do. I always say people treat you the way you allow them. In the gay community we are too forgiving and understanding of a masculine front. I don’t blame these dudes because it’s who they are. They are users and grifters. When you don’t set clear boundaries with them they act out looking for the boundaries. That’s why his ass apologized. He found the boundary and realized he was jeopardizing his hustle.

  14. We have to stop putting light skin and this idea of masculinity on such a high ass pedestal. They scam you cause some of y’all deserve to get scammed if you want the truth. Y’all lusting wanting the same pissy ass nigga that everybody else wants, boosts his head up, then makes an only fans and shakes y’all down for yall money and then wanna cry when you don’t see what you thought. Look at it: he called his main fan base out of their names. How many of them do that? When i first saw the 1st, vid, I thought he was gay because of the context of what he said and how we said it. One flamingo can spot another. To summarize, stop boosting these guys and girls heads up to make them feel more important than they actually are. They most likely won’t sleep with you anyway.

    1. Agree completely. Remember to stop the water from flowing, you have to cut it off at the source. Be the change and don’t let these good for nothins in your life.

  15. I can I just I am in total agreement with what this article is about. Particularly, the part where you said “this lock down is showing that boredom and being broke is causing terrible decision making“. Like high key, a truer statement has not been made. Also the whole light skin, beard culture, I’m kinda over it. Yeah folks look great, but niggas start looking the same, I’m good. Just remember kids, looks aren’t everything and most of us will get old one day. Good night.

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