that season that i wasn’t f*ckin with star fox anymore

as i watch “insecure” this season,
i totally get where issa and molly are coming from.
there was a point in star fox and i friendship where i said:

“I’m not fuckin’ with Star Fox anymore…”

i remember when we had our first official fight.
it was a big one after he left to go down to atlanta for school.

low-key: sometimes i wish he would have picked the high paying job,
but i knew he was restless and wanted to pursue his dreams.

it was a few months into when he arrived down south…

we use to talk all the time,
but as soon as he got down there,
he was immersed in the nightlife and the new friends.
he was on bgc,
and a4a getting his unapologetic whore on.
days i thought he would be in school,
he would be hung over and sleeping in.
other times,
he would be fuckin’ randoms he met off the sites.
one day,
after not hearing from him for while,
he was acting brand new on the phone in front of his new “friends”.

I let him have it

in typical cancer fashion,
i went tf off on him.
he told him i made him cry that day.
i’m a werewolf when it comes to my friendships.
that’s not what he went down to atlanta to do.
he went to achieve a career in a whole as state by himself.
it wasn’t to be hoping on random ass dicks and partying every night,
all while complaining about not having much money.
he had to wait to get money from his mother at times.
his family wasn’t as supportive to him as his other siblings.
he couldn’t be out there wildin’ out like he didn’t have any common sense.

after i blacked on him,
he got his shit together.
he ended dropping out school,
did some couch surfing,
getting little jobs,
wolves he was dating gave him money,
and working with local acts who needed help being styled.
he was on the right path.
it’s a shame that one of the “friends” he trusted killed him.

as i watch “insecure”,
i understand the tension between molly and issa.
somewhere during a friendship,
something takes a left and one (both) of you see it.
we have all gone through it.
some bounce back; others breakup.

for star fox and i,
this was different than when he decided to go “straight for Jesus”.
he politely told me what the deal was and i understood.
most gays or bisexuals who grow up in church deal with this.
with the fight in atlanta,
it was a mixture of seeing where things headed south,
no pun intended,
and my jealousy over him.
i loved him and wanted to see him achieve higher heights.
i expect my friends to go hard for me as well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “that season that i wasn’t f*ckin with star fox anymore”

  1. You know what, Jamari? Molly and Issa are both wrong. Issa needs to stop slick shading Molly about her love life and thinking everything is a damn joke. The “Broken Pussy” song was so tacky and inappropriate. I would’ve cut her ass off right then and there. Also, Molly needs to stop thinking she’s above everyone else just because their money isn’t as long as hers. That Asian man can’t do a thing for her and I’m waiting for her to finally realize that Torian is the right one for her.

    1. ^ i absolutely agree with you bb.

      “broken pussy” was such a violation.
      molly has a ton of issues and she needs to check back in with that therapist.
      it seems she has severe daddy issues.

  2. Insecure is so wack. It lacks depth. It’s a show about nothing. How old are they suppose to be being unemployed smoking weed and having sex. I see no growth in this show. They need to cut the Lawrence character, it’s over byeeee.

  3. This season may see the end of Molly and Issa but it kind of may not end do to Issa’s new friendship. That’s awkward as fuck to be friends with yo ex lover. Granted new best friend is respecting both of their boundaries which is probably why she feels like that towards Molly. Now Molly is on a whole different thing because she does find the littlest things to break up with somebody. She was fine fucking Dro knowing he was married in an open relationship. You can’t get mad because he goes back to his wife, you was fine with that. She was getting her back blown out by Jared but thought he was completely gay and Issa told her then, that was an experiment. If he not giving you signals he want that like dude on BET’s Sista’s when he put her dildo in his booty, let it go. Both Issa and Molly single but yet Molly judging Issa with TSA Bae when that’s just a straight booty call. Molly doing the same thing with Adrian. She catch feelings when the dick good then find a small reason to let them go.

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